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greatest athlete?


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No mention of Jim Thorpe? Played professional basketball, fooball, and baseball. Also won Olympic medals in decathlon.

Wasn't Thorpe the guy that got his medal taken away from him because he played "professional" baseball that pays less than the varrock general store? I think it was a barnstorming team or something.



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Thorpe was one hell of an athlete, that's for sure. Probably the greatest of his time, but not of all time. It's hard to make comparisons across hundred year gaps or more though.

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Lebron James in ten years.

I wont smoke it if the name ain't right

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Guess we are smoking on Picasso, light it up, ignite the spark.

Man it feels good to be smoking on fine arts.

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Tom Brady

Aikman, Bradshaw and Montana have the same if not more number of wins. Justify it. Roethlisberger - could also tie/pass him.

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Yeah, it's pretty sick to think Bradman was so far ahead of anyone before him, and is still undoubtably the best there has ever been. To think that a test average of 50+ is seen as "Gold Plated", and then see that Bradman Averaged nearly twice that is amazing.


Aus + NZ need to start watching more sports than just cricket. -.-


Anyone a fan of rugby...?

More of a league fan myself. But I can't think of anybody that really seems like they should be here from either... But I definately don't know my rugby history as well as I know crickets :P


I do watch a lot of sports, I just don't find rugby as entertaining as cricket, and IMO, rugby requires less skill.


Don Bradman was anazing, but for the title of greatest athlete I'd say Ali.



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It's hard to make comparisons across hundred year gaps or more though.


Judge on opportunities, and how well these were realized. It's a very simple, fair strategy, but requires vast information.


Its currently a golden age of sporting icons Woods, Phelps, Bolt, Federer. We're pretty lucky

This is a result of the rise of technology, the rise of global entertainment and tv, and economic situations that allow us to waste billions on hobbies. Just consider the 1950s, when the retirement age in norway was 73, and the average life-expectancy was 74. we've become greedy, demanding a freebie retirement decade or more, where the world pays for us.



No, we must examine the historical impact of athletes, and how well they realized their historical capabilities. talent is of course of merit to the athlete, not the age.


I'd like to see someone argue why it's NOT cynisca of Sparta

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Oh, and in his day Michael Schumacher was pretty awesome too.



Indeed. He was (maybe still has some of it left) Incredibly fit and athletic. Constantly subject for forces up to 5G's, spending up to two hours in 3-4 fireproof layers of clothing in heats up to 40C, (Which for the drivers means they can be in heats of up to 50C) all while maintaining the concentration and stamina to race flat-out at up to 200Mph.


The drivers’ bodies have to adapt to the unique stresses of the track. Schumacher's former trainer Harry Hawaiian says: “His head weighs 6kg, the helmet 1kg more. When he goes around a corner, his head weighs 40kg - we build neck and shoulder muscles to take that.”


That would be enough to break the necks of some people.

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