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What can you post here?

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Examples on video topic you can make, but not strictly limited to:


Clan PK


Multiple wars

Single war

Motivational Clan Vids


(Keep in mind that they still need to be within the rules, and not bash other clans.)



Q: In the new video section, does the G Rating mean that we cant have any music which might contain offensive language to some?


A: Well, in reality it's more a PG rating. A few swear words are okay, but keep it within reason and no racism. We're not super strict, but it's the moderator's discretion. If in doubt, ask before posting - and if a Clan Staff member says it's okay, make sure to post the name of the Clan Staff member who approved it in the topic.



Q: My topic got removed for no reason at all, seriously! It wasn't offensive or anything!


A: Did you remember to use media tags? If not, it will automatically be removed, as we are trying to make sure that this forum is as safe as possible, in example by only allowing streaming videos.



Q: Someone just posted a topic with an offensive video. What do I do?


A: Please report the topic as soon as possible, and a Clan Staff Member or another helping member of the moderating staff will take a look at it and deal with it as soon as they can. If it's really urgent (porn, racism, severe personal attack), try contacting us on IRC (#clans on Swift) so we can deal with it a little faster if we are there.



Q: I can't add all my 25 videos in one post. It says "excess media", why?


A: The limit to how many videos there can be in media tags per post, is 15. Try breaking it up in a few posts if you have more than that.



More questions and answers will be added as they are asked. :)




Clan Staff.

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Edited last question to fit the tags per post limit

You're accusing me of bigotry, how ironic. It's a nice attempt at argument, but your responses are facile and asinine, if not diatribe. Who's arrogant now?

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