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RuneScape Media Rules & Guidelines

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What belongs here?
The RuneScape Media forum is a place to post RuneScape videos, artwork, fake screenshots and creative works with RuneScape as the main subject or source of inspiration. Previously, RuneScape fake screenshots and most creative works were redirected to The Gallery forum. If you would like to receive more professional constructive criticism on your work, it is still acceptable for you to post in The Gallery. But if you would like to post in a forum that targets users with an interest in RuneScape, this Media forum would probably be a better choice smile.gif
What does NOT belong here?

General posting rules

  • Excessive use of blood and gore is not allowed. This is dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • Please post all image inside of "img" tags and all videos inside of "media" tags.
  • Ripping/plagiarism is NOT tolerated. Please only post your own work. Stealing someone else's work and claiming it as your own will result in the post being removed and additional action taken if necessary.
  • Constructive criticism is of course welcome but please present it in a professional and helpful manner. All levels of skill are welcome in this forum. If someone is a beginner, rather than flaming them for not presenting top-of-the-line work, please be helpful and give them constructive tips on how to improve. Flaming and spammy comments will not be tolerated.

    Creative works or posts may not contain any inappropriate content or evidence of Tip.it/Jagex rule-breaking. All such posts will be removed from public view and additional action may be taken against the user(s) in question if necessary. To avoid any such instances, please familiarize yourself with both the Tip.it Forum Rules and the RuneScape Rules. If you have any questions about whether or not your creative work is appropriate, please contact a forum moderator or administrator.


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