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Non-solo Tormented Demons

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My friend has recently finished WGS, so we want to go kill tormented demons together on Lootshare. My stats are in the siggy, he has maxed melee stats and 75 ranged, neither of us has void armor, both can afford expensive equipment such as godswords. We know the basics about what their attacks look like and such, but what's the best way for us to kill them without getting squashed?


[hide=Achievements]Quest Cape - 31st October 2009

68,238th to Fletching Cape - 7th February 2010

Champion's tackle box - 26th July 2010

Nomad killed - 4th of November 2010

140,305th to Woodcutting Cape - 12th April 2011

187,690th to Cooking Cape - 6th June 2011

72,234th to Fishing Cape - 7th July 2011

19,010th to Crafting Cape - 8th July 2011[/hide]

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The most kills per hour would be 1 person takes on 1 td and one takes on another, with lootshare on. However, I assume you really want to 'duo' tds, so just do it normally, not that much different.

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Or u do it old school and kill northcenter + northwest demon

Use d hide + neit helm

Should have uni and since u dont have that or titan, it really kills ur food supply.



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