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How should I handle Aviansies


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I've used the prayer method on my 1 Defense pure, however, I want to get my Ranged up on my main, so what would be my best option?

I have 26M, 80 Ranged, 44 Prayer, 16 Summoning, 75 Constitution, and 60 Defence.



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well with only 60 defense probably would be best to pray range.

bring zamorak/saradomin/armadyl god items with monks robes, unless there's a prayish range gear

rune cbow and broad bolts

plenty of prayer pots ofc

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you can do fine with 60 defense at aviansies


Rune C'bow

Broad bolts

Saradomin coif

Zamorak Vambs

Black dhide body

Dragon Skirt or legs

Granite or obby shield

Snakeskin boots

Ava's Accumulator


Archer Ring (gives you back some range bonus that you lose to the shield)

And bones to peaches tabs

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You can tank or pray.


I don't have experience with prayer but for tanking I started at 70 def with Torag's helm an legs, Saradomin body and Zammy vambs. 60-70 def won't take you more then a few days, you should really have that as your priority.

PM me in game anytime


It's a lot easier then that for an idiot to sound smart on the internet.


That's exactly what you're doing right now... just saying.


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