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Runescape Reboot


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It might be pretty interesting.


I don't think that having two or more seperate servers would be a good idea, though.

This would mean having different economies and many players (a minimum, but even 0.1% on this many players is a lot) will always search for the best economy to play on. The economy of Runescape is already pretty weird and changes a lot imo, given (lame) merchanters, announcements for future updates, events (exp. weekends), ... Runescape's economy might change even more.

I don't think the main economy would change at all. A new world has zero impact except for less players at any one time, which happens naturally anyway. Now, it would be difficult to keep the prices in each world seperate in your head, but I think that'll become second nature to those that want to play in multiple worlds instead of just one.


i dont like this idea i think it would split the community in half

I doubt a large number of established players will move over so that stays within the community, and may be the members you prefer in the main. New players and some older accounts looking for fresh territory would move over. Then you'll have those that'll play in both areas.


Still, the chats will all be connected just like with RSC, so any community developed will stay developed for the most part. And of course the game will be the same game for the most part.

after the climbing boots update... well, I'd move to a "clean slate" RS in an instant

Yeah, Jagex messed up on that one big time. Course I wonder how that would impact my suggestion that the freshman servers are update with a two to four week lag. Of course they can't space out an update like that as players on the new server would start buying up boots in anticipation of the upcoming change. Moral of the story, keep the value of items as the game sees it separate from the value of items as the players sees it, with the exception that items saved on death can be based on GE values.


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