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Monsterhunting with these stats


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Ok so i haven't played since last july...

I have about 72m total bank worth.

stats in sig.


what should i hunt?


i used to solo rex, but i can't really remember how i did it haha. I'm interested in solo hybridding. would this be a good choice for me?


What gwd bosses should I try? (team/solo)


any other suggestions?

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Those stats can solo armadyl boss, but you'd do better in a team. Well, you could team any boss with your ranging level, it would just help if your defense was 90+ also. I wouldn't try melee though. You could probably join a large-ish bandos team and melee, but don't expect much loot until your lsp rack up like crazy (missing out a hilt helps, lol). Generally 90+ stats (for the ones you are using) and at least 70 prayer is good enough to be efficient at gwd.


Also, I suggest killing aberrant spectres with a salve (e) amulet to train your melee stats. Or you could just continue with slayer in general, its' totally worth the effort. Also train your summoning to 68 so you can use a war tortoise and a bunyip, the tortoise is amazingly helpful for many situations (includeing boss hunting), while the bunyip will guarentee longer slayer runs.

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