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Bots are making a come-back

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I didnt but thats prty epic.


I have 38 mill on my account now, i wonder if i can get 200 mill in 2 months :thumbsup:


kill green dragons - rage at the quantity of bots there, lol


Bots very rarely exist in PvP. Pretty sure those can reach 3m/h if you're doing it right


3mil an hour? :blink: :shock: :eek: Thats worth bringing a cannon, tort, super set, and a large supply of games necklaces for easy banking


Am i close on the method? bank at dung and teleport to clan wars and kill the drags east of it and put a cannon to lul at the competition?


Or is the 3mil an hour different because my curiosity has been peaked

To get that figure you have to be able to PvP effectively. Only works with Yak, and gotta be aware of the Dclawers/Mages that randomly attack people.


Oh nevermind i thought we were still talking about green drags, indeed pvp is good money

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Not trying to rant, but this is very true in many places. The east side of Varrok is filled with woodcutting bots that are chopping oaks. The SOS(ecurity) first level is filled with level 80's killing level 27 Minotaurs (not 100% sure they are bots, but they all wear the same armor and are around the same combat level). It doesn't bug me all that much yet because I can usually beat the bot system, but it does piss me of quite a bit sometimes. Good topic, but it has become quite a pointless post.


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A week ago or so, I went to world 1 and reported every bot that I saw at the time.


A week ago or so, you also got a 24h mute. Hmm...



R.I.P. Neko :[

5,445,898,965th to 99 Woodcutting

Blogs are dead

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