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defence lowering food/drink


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trying to think of somthign that can lower defence to 0 (for maxing and 99 parties=p)


but all i can think of is zamorakian brew and i dont think that stacks each drink....i swear i rember somthing could...


any one know?

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I know dwarven stouts do since I used a bunch of them at LRC to mine coal and my defence was at 0. You'll need quite a number of them though.


A lot of other drinks also stack their defence lowering abilities like wizard mind bombs. The only problem with these is that they're not easy to get a large number of. Another thing you could try is getting someone to cast Vulnerability on your first and then start lowering with drinks/zammy brew.

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You could always go to God Wars Dungeon's entrance and let it drain down to 0, then restore only strength and attack with potions.


nah if i wanted to go through that much toruble just running to abearnats with no nose peg would suffice



Zamorak brews should stack, as saras do.


know of anything else zammies are fine but hard to buyish

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Most beers do. Asgarnian Ale, Wizard Mind Bomb, Dwarven Stout, Greenmans Ale....all of them should lower your def. Also, the lighthouse is a great place to get a hold of them.

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