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Need help : /


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I would appreciate it if anyone could help what any of these stand for. Its for a bit of money for our family, we've filled in loads of them but have no idea what these stand for. :L


Example: 7 D in a W.

Answer: 7 Days in a Week.


(update) 4 Q in a WO = 4 Quarters in a Whole One.


8 N of D I D


12 N in a T


19 N of the R S N B





Thanks. :D

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I'm sorry for not being able to answer any of those, but I'm more confused about the part of making money by filling lots of these? Mind explaining that?

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My little step brother goes to a primary school which had things like discos and non school uniforms and other events for money. The first person to complete a sheet with strange questions like this gets half of that money, the other half goes to school benefits, trying to win so we could get like £100-200. :L Thanks anyway. :D

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8 Nights of Distinguished Individuals Dancing?



Now I'm curious :/


You better post the answers later OP




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crap, my brother brought home a sheet like that a few days ago. i'll go check to see if he still has it. Will edit later or make new post.


Okay, thanks. :D


We don't think that what anyone posted is right as some of them don't make sense :L

it has to be popular random facts for these like:


200 P in a P G in M - 200 Pounds in a Passing Go in Monopoly


4 Q in a WO = 4 Quarters in a whole one




The answers are online; google it.



I've tried Googling them, they don't work at all as it comes up with things which just include 8 or N or something similar. D:

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Dunno then, I did a similar sheet where all of the answers were online. Or maybe it was a website not a sheet. Meh.


I'm probably not any help, going by those examples you're British or something - neither of those phrases are common to me.

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Who came up with these anyways?


Editing your post before I could call you on it....

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