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Who are the Signature Heroes?


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Signature heroes in Daemonheim


By now you should all have seen the new website background that we released with the Dungeoneering skill, featuring adventurers wearing Dungeoneering mage, melee, and ranger gear. The characters are there in order to model the new equipment, but theyre not just random models: theyre some of the new RuneScape Signature Heroes. Youll be seeing more of them in future, so we think its about time you were introduced.



What are the signature heroes?

There are several RuneScape quests where you have an NPC ally, for example Zanik in the goblin quest series. Having Zanik accompany you through the quests opened up a lot of story possibilities, and I think it made for a more emotionally engaging experience than if youd gone through the quests alone. Weve given you allies in a few other quests as well: Cyrisus in Dream Mentor, the Wise Old Man in Swan Song, and others.


The idea of the Signature Heroes is to give you a new set of ally characters who arent tied to a particular quest series. The feeling should be that theyre adventurers like you, and you cross paths with them at various times in your career. Hopefully theyll not only make for good quests, but also enhance the whole game by putting specific faces on the idea of being a RuneScape hero. Were not planning for the Signature Heroes to dominate the game - theres still room for lots of solo quests, and other ally characters will continue to appear - but the new heroes give us more storytelling options.


Another use of the Signature Heroes will be in artwork. Previously weve produced artwork depicting adventurers in action, but the characters have always been generic ones created separately for each picture. The Signature Heroes provide us with a set of characters we can re-use in different situations, giving the artwork a sense of continuity. In the future, if we were to release a new boss monster (for example) and wanted to make an image of some adventurers fighting it, wed use the Signature Heroes. The new heroes may appear in other ways as well, for example in Lores and Histories stories.



Who are the signature heroes?

sh_triptych_thumb.jpgOzan, Ariane and Sir Ewain


So, who are these heroes?


The ranger is Ozan. Hes a dashing rogue: charismatic, flamboyant, and carefree. He was born amid the bazaars of Al Kharid, grew on the mean streets of Varrock, and since then hes travelled to every corner of the known world. He seeks out adventure for its own sake, exploring forgotten tombs and pulling off seemingly impossible feats of skill and daring.


The mage is Ariane. Shes a native of Seers Village, and has inherited the seers limited precognitive ability. Shes studied at the Wizards Tower and Mages Guild, and dabbled in almost every school of magic. Shes rational and idealistic, driven to discover all the magical secrets of the world, and to use them to make the world a better place.


The warrior is Sir Ewain. He was born in Falador, and worked his way through the ranks of the White Knights before being recruited as a Temple Knight. Hes now one of the Temple Knights best agents, and has been granted free rein to pursue the knights goals as an independent adventurer. Hes a classic knight in shining armour, but as a Temple Knight hes also something of a secret agent, prepared to use stealth and deception to achieve his goals.


Besides those three, there are three more Signature Heroes who havent appeared in artwork yet. One of them has already appeared in-game: Xenia, from The Blood Pact, an experienced adventurer who acts as a mentor to the other characters. There are two more whom well introduce later: a master smith named Linza, and a mysterious warrior known only as the Raptor.



The seventh hero

In a sense, theres a seventh Signature Hero: your character. The aim of the Signature Heroes is not to overshadow the player character in the games storyline, but to enhance them, by providing a cast of ally characters, a community of other adventurers with whom they can interact. Theres a quest in development right now where you can work with Sir Ewain on a Temple Knight mission, and well be producing quests involving the other heroes later this year.


If youd like to discuss the Signature Heroes, please check out this forum thread.


<br class="clear"> Project: Signature Heroes

Tags: design, development, Signature Heroes



Pretty interesting read to me, I wonder what role they will play in quest lines. (Probably Dungeoneering related through.)


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and i wish runescape looked as good as it does in the artwork. maybe some day prehaps? :unsure:


"He could climb to it, if he climbed alone, and once there he could suck on the pap of life, gulp down the incomparable milk of wonder."

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If they add to the story, good. If this turns into more Role-playing kinda stuff, not interested.

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Cyrisus in Dream Mentor,


Damn you Lucien...emot-smith.gif


Pretty difficult for me to have any emotional attachment to a character that appeared firdt in Dream Mentor, and died next in WGS. :rolleyes:


And I'm not sure if I can appreciate Jagex experimenting new things on one end and messing up the game at another.



"Do you really want to go back to the time when Falador was grey, lesser demon look like goats, dragons look like cows, hellhound look like cats and your character stands as stiff as a statue?"



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-insert obligatory "i want to do the mage" comment here-


Will hold my judgment until they are in the game



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I actually like this, and i wish runescape looked as good as it does in the artwork. maybe some day prehaps? :unsure:


Well, we've come quite far from what we were a few years ago. So I'd say it's possible.

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I wonder if they're the ones from Lost City...

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Ozan seems to be in Al'karid


Sir Ewain is definitely in the white city.


But where is Ariane standing? That tower is deffenetly wizardly, but I don't think it fits with any.


could be the top of the tower were you chop mages, by the legends guild. As the far off building looks like it maybe the legends guild.

I don't know which mod did this. I don't know why they did it. If they're looking for money, I can tell them I don't have any as I'm a student. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over 4 years of RuneScape. Skills that I have worked hard for and people like them can't take them away. If they give me my particles back now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for them, I will not pursue them. But if they don't, I will look for them, I will find them, and they won't like what'll happen

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I actually like this idea, but we'll of course have to see how it's all implemented in the game.



There are three sides to every story: There's one side, there's the other, and there's the truth.

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I like the idea, but like another poster said, I'm a bit concerned that they're dabbling in things like this when so much is going wrong in other parts of the game. I'd happily take a break from updates for a while if it meant that they'd spend time fixing the GE.


Also, I agree with Morionic that these characters have a lot to live up to. I'm giving Jagex the benefit of the doubt on this one, though, as I like the idea in itself.

To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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Raptor is a creature who was formed when zombie cysirus and zombie hazelmere merged, he can take either form, You heard it here first.


Also, I love the idea, but I always cringe with these quest ideas because we ahve so many and they release quests at a rate of at most 2 a month..

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I think it sounds like a good idea.


Looking forward to the next temple knight quest coming soon too. Really want to finish off mother mallum sometime in the near future.

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