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BDave's goals and achievments

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Introduction and back story


Hello and welcome to my blog. I'll start off by explaining my Runescape career. I discovered Runescape when I was 18 when I was at University and loved it straight away. I played for a few years until I got bored/real life took over. When I started I was quite a skiller, enjoying fishing at a low combat level and graduating to runecrafting. I am currently 83 runecrafting without ever really power leveling it. I runecrafted before the abyys by running in Karamja with some friends helping running. Fun days! When I quit my goal was 94 magic by fletching magic logs which I bought, runecrafting the nature runes and alching. This was before skill capes so it was actually a profit in fletching! As you will see I have made some process in this regard.


I came back in December after recovering my accounts. This was simple enough even though I didnt copy down my recovery questions, but I had a bank pin and had to wait 3 days without using a bank! I had a drop party before I left so most of valubles gone, but I didnt chuck everything out. In my inventory was 17k feathers, some junk and a rune hatchet! So I could merily chop logs and bank them. This however got boring so I solf yews and bought a rune pickaxe and mined pure essence so that I could make some money back with runecrafting.


Here is my starting stat pic:






99 magic


I came back and picked up my old goal straight away. My first problem was that magic logs have raised from 1k to 1.55k each, big jump! I quickly looked at the grand exchange for items that can be alched and discovered battlestarves. I still buy as many as I can overnight and usually alch 400 each day. I did fletch a bit at the start and alched but have gradually moved on to lunar methods like plank make and string jewlery. I achieved 94 magic with string jewlery and I used a merchant clan to achieve this! A clan decided to do gold amulets and sell to the rogue for min price, so I bought unstrung amulets, used the spell on them and waited for the price to go up. This did go up, not to the goal price they said, but enogh to significantly reduce the cost of runes to reach my goal. 94 magic achieved!


I have picked up magic again when Jagex updated it so you can change the colour of infinity robes. For some reason I never really tried this so I had a go. The different games are tiring after a while but I have liked the fact of getting magic exp to get such good robes and stuck with it. I have therefore set my magic goal to 99. I can now show you my progress bar for this as one of the few pictures I have!




When I have infinity robes I think I will mine concentrated god deposites and make jewlery and string them.

Other goals




With MTK I get coal and have been buying adamantite ore, smelting, smithing into arrowhead and fletching into arrows.


70 Farming


I try and do a run at the beginning of the day and at the end, so farming will get to a high level slowly but surely.




I left with about 10 quests left to do and cam back to loads of them! This needs to be reduced sharpish!


99 Fishing and Cooking


I'd like 99 fishing, I'll probably do it on monks, wish they were easy to get to cause I only do fishing in sessions and dont do any in short batches cause I feel like it.



70 hunter

70 dungeoneering

57 summioning


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I don't level fast but I will update so here goes:



I gotta do some quests so I did some important ones. It was fun.







I banked my mtk coal to make adamant arrows. Unfortunately the price of arrows has gone down 20 gp each meaning a potential loss of 350k -.-





I fancy getting 80 woodcutting along with 80 smithing for stealing creations. I've been burning the logs.










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