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� Psi's Road To Trimmed Completionist Cape �

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No thanks I don't play with cheats.



Account created on Weds, December 21st, 2005

99 cooking on December 12th, 2010. 99 Agility on September 30th, 2011. 99 Fletching on August 17th, 2012. 99 Prayer on March 22nd, 2016. 99 Farming on April 4th, 2016.

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Wanted to update this sooner but I wanted to get 1,000 tasks before I did which took longer than expected because I got a little bit tired of Slayer but here we go finally. Almost 25m Woodcutting experience now, going for 30m before anything else, then I will probs head back to Slayer for 25m and continue gaining effigies or I will start Dungeoneering. Dungeoneering begins May 19th ish probs, looking for perm team mates need around level 110 with access to TS3 or Skype.















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Gratz on 117 dung, and nice blog! I would suggest a goal section, but you're almost maxed. :P


Also, nice (self)grave looting. death /grave pics are the best. ^_^


^^My blog of EoC PvM, lols and Therapy.^^

My livestream- Currently: Offline :(

Offical Harpy Therapist of the Mad


Barrows drops: Dharok's helm x2, Guthan's helm, Ahrim's top, Hood and skirt, Torag's hammers, Karils skirt, Karil's top, Torag's helm, Verac's skirt, Verac's Flail, Dharok's Platebody.

Dag kings drops: Lost count! :wall:

4k+ Glacors, 7 Ragefires, 4 Steadfasts, 4 Glaivens, 400+ shards![/hide]

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You still suck. How embarrassing.

[01:24:34] CJ Hunnicutt: it takes skill to be that [bleep]ing stupid

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Nice blog, how long did the goblin champ scroll take?

Have fun getting the other requirements :ohnoes:


Thanks to Iglw for the amazing signature!

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