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Zackcerny.net is now active :)


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Coding text is unbelievably easy...

Copy paste it out of photoshop, and add <p> tags. DONE


Dont be lazy, it looks bad to anyone who knows code, when they can drag your big blocks of text around.


It always seems off to me. I'll get around to changing it though, I just wanted to get this first version out the door.

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And for a first version its quite nice, its simple and to the point, but very nice stylistically.


I always envy your nice dark designs, mine never turn out well.


That being said, you are quite awesome at lighter designs, Matt.


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but to the srs bsns



I hope you see the mistakes yourself, else it will be 20 push ups!



Felix, je moeder.

Je moeder felix

Je vader, felix.

Felix, je oma.

Felix, je ongelofelijk gave pwnaze avatar B)

Felix, je moeder.


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