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Long Term Goal Finished <3

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Since I started doing combat seriously in P2P, I've trained mainly through slayer, and it got to the point where slayer was my favourite skill :) While it's taken me a while to finish it off, I'm happy that I've done it, and I don't intend to stop forever :D



Had a Blue Dragon task from Kuradal, and I wanted to level up with a lamp, but after an hour or so of random boring activities with no lamp, I got it from the Heroes Guild Dragon ;)







About 4.1k slayer points saved up and spent on slayer dart runes <3:



Drops saved from level 97 to 99 :P The lack of Staff of Lights is due to only getting one task in that interval :P


New plan is to get 99 ranged via camping aviansies :P I don't want to spend money, I want to make it and hopefully get 99 herblore this year if I can <3:


Thanks for reading <3:

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at that slay tab

ruins.png De_Elite_One.png

Inefficiency = fun. That's objective and can't be debated. Ever.


Blog to 200m in all skills.

Max cape achieved November 5th, 2011.

Completionist cape achieved December 29th, 2011.

Final Boss title achieved December 28th, 2014.

Trimmed completionist cape achieved November 7th, 2015.

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Very nice!

Definately the best 99 in the game and i'm sure some others agree.

Nice drops tab also.

GL on 99 range it's a nice 99 to have. :thumbsup:


Cheers :)


Very Nice! I'm Jealous.


Thanks :D


Congratulations, buddy. Feels good amirite. <3: <3: <3:


It really does mate <3:


I'd trade RC for it any day. <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3: <3:


Yeah, but who in their right mind would train a skill like RC?! <3:


Ilu drag <3: Congratulations so much!! :XD:


Thanks mate :D <3:


10/10 Cause killing avs is for pros.


Thanks :P


Epicgratualtions Draggle!!! I remember when you only had guthans and rune and couldnt go bandos with me :P We only did 1 trip, remember? ;)


Now that you're pro... ;)


:twisted: <3:


gratz. =]


Thanks :)



Cheers, and go get your own ;) <3:


Epic. <3:


I barely beat you, you were one of the main motivators to keep going :P <3:



Thanks mate <3:


Pftt fattie.Should've used the slay points to get more ice wyrm tasks.SOL SOL SOL



Fatty? Pot calling the kettle black mate :D The whole reason I like Slayer is that its got variety :P If I'd camped Ice Wyrm tasks, I'd get bored and quit slayer <3:


O about time

Grats sir



Yeah, long time coming :P Thanks mate <3:


Congrats, and i love your drop tab :rolleyes:


Thanks ;) Why so rollseyes? :o


Beautiful. Congrats.


Love the Slayer cape.


10/10, completely, especially with some nice drops.


Cheers :)


You're incredible. <3:


Keeping yourself well and happy too, yay !


Yeah :D <3:

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Draggle.. I never knew lvl 58s could get 99 slayer [email protected]@[email protected][email protected]!!!! Gratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzgratzgratz<3333333333333333


You nutter <3:


Well you would've gotten more sols.

For further reference I'm not fat, I'm fluffy.


Pft <3:


ysoprodraggle? 10/10 :thumbsup:


cosiwant2bu <3:

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