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Runescape withdrawl symptoms?


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Well that's just one mans opinion, we don't all fail in real life if we play rs.



Ask yourself this, can i live my life like i should and like i want while i play Rs on a daily basis?

If the answer is yes without a doubt then there's nothing to worry about.


And just like Moik said, it's like drugs like alcohol and cannabis.


Rs can also be considered a drug but many people make the mistake between soft and hard drugs.

While there's only a difference between lethal and non lethal drugs and soft and hard usage but no soft or hard drugs.

All drugs is bad, ciggaretes, computers, tv's, macdonalds, alcohol, etc...


I hate these kinds of threads, I play runescape for fun not as a substitute for fun.


Very well said.

jupjup.png[~Visit my Slayer Blog~]jup.png



Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.~unknown~

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I've never been addicted to RS at all. I usually play for a month or two, get bored, take a break, and then come back. Even when I play I rarely play for over 2-3 hours / day. Also I never grind any skills (this is also the reason why I hate other MMORPGs which have barely anything but grind, grind, grind). That's probably the main reason my skills are quite low for someone who has played for five years, but I don't care. In fact I think I have had much more fun this way.

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I'm doing pretty fine in life and yet I play roonscape, what is this? Oh yeah, people are different and find different things fun. However I agree, if you don't have the stregth to control your playing and it has negative effects on your real life, you have a problem and you should quit and perharps get help.


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Really? If people realized that playing games was a "waste of time", then big companies like Nintendo will crash and burn.

Most people already realize it. They just don't care. If they start to care, Nintendo et al are doomed.


I haven't officially quit Runescape, yet, but I haven't played in a few weeks. Guess what I filled that time with? Other games. My life hasn't improved any, just as it didn't decline during my time playing Runescape daily. I was never addicted, though. If a friend wanted to do something, and invited me along, I went without hesitation. Now I never see my friends because I had to move closer to my job and I work afternoons to their days.

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Nothing is a waste of time if you have fun while doing it.


And like many have stated already, it's not like it's kind of drug/habit that has 100% chance to ruin your life. You can scape or play other videogames and still have a perfectly normal and functional life.


If you are addicted, then yes you should probably get a hold of yourself, otherwise don't apply your case to every single RS player.

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TBH, I was addicted in2007 and 2008. Now, I play it when I don't have anything better to do. I JUST started college three days ago. Last time I played RS was four days ago, and I don't care.


Mainly because I am in the process of reformatting my computer, but still..



Runescape player since January 2005
Ego Sum Deus Quo Malum Caligo et Barathum


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I've played this game for what... 8 years now. First logged in in 2002, hurrah! Old school? Perhaps yes. Now, I started playing when I was still a teenager, some 15 years old or so. My grades at school were good before playing, and they didn't decline whilst playing. Not a notch. Want to know why? The secret to success lies in time management. I didn't just log in the game the second I came home. I did the important stuff first. Tennis practice every few days. Homework every day. When I knew I had done the most urgent things, I moved on to the next ones in importance. Only when I had nothing else to do did I log in and play some.


The same logic continues on even now. I don't play for levels! I play for fun, or what's still left of it. And when I've had enough for the day, I simply log out. I've never continued on into the middle of the night just to complete something I left unfinished. I know that tomorrow is another day, and I could just as likely get the damn level or whatever it is the next day. I absolutely pity the people who slave their lives off for maximum XP and rank. I don't find training effectiveness in a game all that important. Let's face it, you're not competing for an olympic gold medal if you get that 100K xp higher per day than that other bloke. Will you feel better about it? Will your real friends praise you? Can you brag in front of your boss with your "achievement"? ~ "Hey, I got top rank in Runetracker yesterday, can I get a raise now!?" ~ ...Yeah, I wonder what they'll say to it, hmm? I'd have to guess, it isn't something to be proud of, when you later think back on it. It is a false sense of achievement. Feels great in the right environment for awhile, but compared to something more important, is utterly pointless.


Now, you want to quit the game? Been taking the same road every year, saying goodbye to your ingame mates, dumping all your belongings in the GE or the party room? But still end up coming back before the month is over, blaming boredom and new updates or whatever lame excuse you can find. Withdrawal symptoms. Yeah right.... suuuuure.


All of us have a sense of self-control. Some have more, others have less. NO ONE in the entire world has ZERO self control. Thats why, with proper motivation, anyone can quit a habit over time. Smoking, drugs, internet addiction, you name it. Just have to work towards it, not against it. Limiting the duration of the activity/habit is usually the first step. You'll also have to force yourself to not think about the habit. A thought is hard to let go once it sticks. Hopefully all goes well and eventually, you won't feel the urge to play anymore. Even if it takes months to do it. Only YOU can do it! No one else.




(For the record, I've never quit permanently. I have just limited my playing time to match the need.)

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Since when does Runescape = heroin? It's called self-control. Guess what I do when I don't have time for Runescape? I play less Runescape. JESUS CHRIST WHAT A CONCEPT AMIRITE.


Withdrawal symptoms over Runescape? I'd hate to see what you're like after smoking a cigarette or having a girl break up with you.


he's right. its really all about self-control. you can still play the game AND achieve high goals in your REAL life. if you have enough self-control to 'fight the addiction', the go ahead and play the game. I play runescape and i have a very good life outside of it (good grades, very social, participate in extra-curricular activities) - and i'm sure many people in this forum are like this too. im sure the majority of us have enough self-control to not give into this 'false-sense of achievment'.




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The annoying thing is, I'll have too much free time, I try to play guitar, I have a girlfriend, go to lots of parties and I still have time to play 4-5 hours/day and I'm definately not proud of it but when I'm watching TV or something I feel like I'm wasting my time more than when I'm playing Runescape.


And I'm addicted to the Pictures sticky in General, so everyday I browse it and when I see that Armadyl Hilt drop or that awesome 99 Herblore or I don't know what it makes me wanna play again ;(


But aslong as I don't get in troubles irl because of it I can live with it that I'm wasting my time on this, what else would I waste it on? ;D

ooh eeh ooh ahah, ting tang wallawallabingbang m8

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I sense a lot of hate on this thread . . . :?


Personally, I believe that there are many different kinds of people who play Runescape and for many different reasons. Perhaps most players are casual gamers who play for fun, but there are some people who truly have difficulties with self control and might develope an addiction for the game. I think that those who are strong should not demean those who are weak.


With regard to my playing habits, I don't experience withdrawl symptoms when I stop playing, but I do exhibit addictive behavior sometimes when I play. I might log in just to check my GE orders for a few minutes only to end up losing 6+ hours of my day and thus neglecting to socialize, eat, sleep, do chores or homework, etc. This does negatively influence my life at times and perhaps I should quit entirely but like many others have posted, there is an element of fun to the game that keeps drawing me back.


Ultimately, the decision to play or not to play is up to each individual person. They will have to live with the consequences of the decisions they make, not you. I think discussion of this topic can be beneficial for some but attacking people's personal decisions and opinions are not warrented.


My two cents . . .


My view exactly, it's all in the sense of self control. I was really addicted to RS back in 2005 to 2007 time, playing but oddly enough studying at the same time (benefits of reading while training stat). Now I am done college and start working in the field result in smaller RS time, but I still play frequent enough to keep myself energized for work and other things.


One of the goal I set for myself when I started this game was that I will never quit RS and never have my life unbalanced by it, still able to retain it to this day.


Literally, "you can bake the cake, and eat it too".


PS: The game also help me to understand some basic economic flow and make friends from all over the world, and I actually use those as topics when I am with my clients/patients

a happy Runescaper

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Honestly, having a life and playing Runescape aren't mutually exclusive. I just have a lot of free time right now. When I don't, I cancel my subscription until I have free time again. Is it really that hard?

~ W ~



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Influence, respect and recognition, these are things that we may want and make us happy as well.

The long paragraphs are going to prove the same thing as well. Its going to be boring and reduce your happiness by reading on, so skip the stuff below if you dont want to suffer.


I guess some of our comrades found out they cannot brag proudly a 99 achievement from an mmorpg with their parents and maybe some of their friends and colleges.

Thats maybe why some of us are start frustrating that investing time and effort in runescape is meaningless.


I start this game since 2001 (psst... have a look at my advanture log, I got a bunny ear!), but all of my old comrades except one have move on to other games or activities that give them more satisfaction.

Gaining an achievement here wont be known to my real life partners except for one single friend, but at least there is still the HYT chat and there is someone who I can still find recognition and happiness by leveling and doing stuff in RS.



If you think about it, what does real life achievements really mean to you?

There are people, in fact a large percentage of any given civilised nation, who doesnt have a decent job. But they still manage to have a husband/wife, children and can afford internet access, if thats what they'd care for.

If what you have now can provide everything you need, what does buying luxuries can give you?

Why do you want more money if you already can afford what you need? Because you just want more?


At the end, it all comes to recognition by others.

Respect, people feel happy when they got it from others. They doesnt differ whether you got it in real world or in virtual world.


I guess some of our rs quitters are just starting their career or have a desire for boyfriend/girlfriend by our primal desire.

But after you have settled down, come think about how long will your next promotion or achievement can give you happiness for and how much effort and misery do you need to pay for to achieve that?

Not trying to say lets go back basement dwelling, but just judge and do what could provide the most utility to us.

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Since when does Runescape = heroin? It's called self-control. Guess what I do when I don't have time for Runescape? I play less Runescape. JESUS CHRIST WHAT A CONCEPT AMIRITE.


Withdrawal symptoms over Runescape? I'd hate to see what you're like after smoking a cigarette or having a girl break up with you.




If you are only getting the urge to play, don't worry about it and go do something else, go shot some jumpers, go for a run, do something physical or call a mate. I'm pretty sure that Runescape does not physically enter your body, so you can't really get 'withdrawal' symptoms as much. Wouldn't last long anyway lol.


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Go play WoW and all of your symptoms will go away. Seriously, what is there to be addicted about Runescape? Oh, I get to go do a farm run today and go kill 2349872394723 TDs.


Dungeoneering isn't a skill.

I'm faster than bots at Sorceress Garden.

PM me if you want to chat. My PM is always off.

My keyboard is on fire. Want some?

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