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Not your everyday character build

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So yeah. Probably the lowest combat player to wield a black rock on a stick. I used penguins, barbarian fishing and blast furnace for the xp, NOT soul wars.

Might go for 70 att and 70 str next, to wield a dharok's axe / torag's hammers, while still maintaining lvl 9 constitution hitpoints.







Log: http://services.rune...eHearts&submit=

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I normally hate people like you, but that's awesome. Well done. :thumbup:


ok well me too.


1. What the hell is that Z shaped item in your bank?

2. Sick.





1) a twig from the grand tree quest

2) or the missing piece from my alphabet cereal i had this morning.


i vote a 10\10 cuz ur my friend <3 but honestly... I don't really like those kind of accounts, it's too stressful. Too many things can go wrong.

I have all the 99s, and have been playing since 2001. Comped 4/30/15 

My Araxxi Kills: 459::Araxxi Drops(KC):

Araxxi Hilts: 4x Eye (14/126/149/459), Web - (100) Fang (193)

Araxxi Legs Completed: 5 ---Top (69/206/234/292/361), Middle (163/176/278/343/395), Bottom (135/256/350/359/397)
Boss Pets: Supreme - 848 KC

If you play Xbox One - Add me! GT: Urtehnoes - Currently on a Destiny binge 


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1. What the hell is that Z shaped item in your bank?

2. Sick.

Its hazeels mark from the hazeel cult.


If you click on them they hatch or grow up faster and look awesomer!!!

87.5% of all statistics are made up on the spot. If you're one of the 42% of statistics that doesn't, copy and paste this into your sig. In addition, 126.324% of the previous statement does not make sense.

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