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how lucky were YOU?

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getting Guthix plate body from my first level 3.




Another is Joking about getting guthans warspear from the barrows and i was on my last run and i so happened to get one :roll:

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Guthans Spear on my 9th Barrows run, then proceeded to get skirt on my 19th and plate on my 20th. Total of ten Barrows drops, including double drop of Dharoks legs and axe on my 49th trip.




5 obby shields, 4 obby capes, and an obby maul from Kets.




And no dragon drops to date.


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i also have an few :)


ill do them in time (first the 1 longest time ago)




pk ed and purple p-hat in 2004 (addy miner had it on and killed him f2p)




and then like few months later i go lever pk ing a lil pk ed 2323k coins from 1 guy


sodl p-hat bought yellow, then sold yellow bought green , sold green bought santas, then new items came out sold few santas bought new items


sold rest of santas bought 2 green masks and had enuf 2 buy an third mask




then got hacked didnt play for long time


then i started playing and went blue dragons i get an pm "please pick up my stuff i died" i look around i see an whip on the ground i pick it up with some other useful items


and then just went playing runescape once a week


and then last monday i gotten visage from mithril dragon


i sold it bought lots of barrows and more stuff (runes and pots etc.)


i go barrows in 10 trips i get: (trip3) dh pl8 and torags legs (trip5) ahrim bottom (trip6) guth pl8 (trip10) torags hammers




and now my luck is up :s (i hope not :P :pray: )

Me and the wise old man go way back.... he was a foolish boy back then.



My crystal armour idea.

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Well, i was very unlucky for the first 3 years of my rs career with my best drop being a rune med from lessers the day they came out... yes i was there when rune meds came out. But then the last year and a half have been great




Good Luck:


Barrows 70M+ gotten at least 2 of all the parts especially dh plates like 6 of those, probably about 80 drops


Dk kings 20M+ soloing rex, lots of berserkers warriors and d axes


3 d chains from kq, 2 solo 1 with partner.


2 kalphite queen heads which are mounted.


No other d drops yet


Lots of good clues, 3 robins probably a full set of the gods, no gilded though, and no 3rd age.


While barrowing going into the torag finding 1m cash whip when they were 6.3m d med when they were 1m dsq and lots of runes.


Way back in classic when green masks were 300k, i saw a red dot on the minimap in ghost town and deciding to see what it was i was ecstatic.


While kq'ing found 5 broken verac helms in total.




Bad Luck:


Forgeting an anti poisen killing a sara mage when they first came out, died in canifis bank lost like 4m in stuff.


Going to metal dragons with phat on by mistake then lagging out.


Accidently paying 1m instead of 100k for some unids


My first account getting hacked, Ack 99001, he was level 48 i think, with rune med and long! That was amazing back then lol it was like 2003 i think.


Buying addy plate for 36k then the next day they changed to 16k


Buying rune long for 42k then the next week they changed to 32k






So i've had some ups and downs,

Proud fire cape owner!

How many RS players does it take to change a lightbulb?

5,000. 1 to change the lightbulb, and 4,999 to complain about how it was better before.


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i've gotten a d chain on my 20th dust devil and got 4 guthans spears in 2 months. But then for the past year, ive been having bad luck with the barrows and drops.

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I never have good luck, however TODAY:






In a task of 120 Jellies I got a level 3 clue, 4 rune full helms and two half keys. Junk from the clue but still some rune items, ect.




After the assigment I teled to cammy to see a level 44 in a purple phat buying red vambs and chaps. I traded him mine for 3 rune simis 2 rune 2hs full green hide and 10 emeralds.






A long time ago after 50 barrows runs I got a guthan spear. Sold it for like 6.5m or something I can't remember.



|Msg me me in-game | IrreIephant|

^ capital i

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Torag's platebody from barrows, and once I got two curved bone drops in a row at the cave horrors.




That's about it. I've been playing for 3 years, so I've got to be due for some luck sooner or later..

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I'm lucky I haven't been banned yet :)



^^ Current goals ^^

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been playing for about 3 years now (f2p)


was in lava maze alching earth staffs and steel plates when i see a lvl 45 skulled pop up and start fighting a hill giant with his


rune kiteshield, best drop ever


pretty sad i know :XD:

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i have pretty bad luck with getting items...although I have gotten some improbable drops.




i once got 2 half keys within 20 kills of each other while killing level 47 air elementals.




and once i got 4 rune meds from lesser demons within 20 kills.




no rare item drops.




hmm i did get a zammy page on my first clue scroll ever...(it was level 1)

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d chain on a solo trip after about 6 trips with a partner


dh pl8 my first ever barrow trip


and bandos tassets after about 5 trips


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