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Desert Treasure quest


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I want to do the Desert Treasure quest for the ancient spell book and staff, I plan to mage


My combat levels are:


Mage - 60

Defense - 34

Prayer - 31

Hitpoints - 45


What are some recommended levels to have? I had in mind possibly


Mage - 65

Defense - 40 (Decent Defense)

Prayer - 43 (for Protection Prayers)

Hitpoints - 50+


Or are those skills still to low?

Current goal:


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Those states would be probably below average of people who complete the quest but I know for sure I've scene people go in with less than desirable stats example pure like stats. I'm sure if you have some decent gear you could do it pretty easily with your goal levels. Least maybe after a few tries if worse comes to worse. Of course higher levels would make it all the more easier.

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get a friend to block the bosses / find places to block them on your own and you will be fine. kamil might be a bit hard, just fire bolt with chaos gaunts and restore when your mage is low


That technique is needed or you should try and get your prayer up to 43 as protection prayers are needed with your defence

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If you have acess to rocktails, this should be a cakewalk for you. Just drop a cannon and safe like a pig. Even 10 HP pures can do it, though they do have prayer to make up for the 1 hit potential.


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If a level 33 has beat it, you can do it with any stats.. just get 43 prayer and your fine.

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