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What is your bind order?

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Well, if I had 99 att/str/def and didn't need a spear for controlled....

1. Primal Long.
2. SSH.
3. Surgebox.
4. If they ever made a celestial FIRE staff, I'd take that. Otherwise, platebody.
5. Ranged body, for mage def.
6.....well, if a celestial fire staff existed, bump the platebody/ranged body down one.

Realistically, Melee Weapon (spear till I get 99 att/str/def, then longsword) followed by my hood and surgebox...melee platebody for next bind, and a ranged body if/when they release the quest giving us an extra bound item and I get 100 DG.

My money would be that the quest would come before 100DG :P

Squab unleashes Megiddo! Completed all quests and hard diaries. 75+ Skiller. (At one point.) 2000+ total. 99 Magic.

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    Dragon Slayer

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Based on the most common binds;

1: Primal 2h > Primal baxe > Prom 2h > Primal spear > Primal longsword > Prom spear

2: Shadow silk hood

3: Primal platebody > Prom platebody > Primal Chain

4: Hexhunter bow > Blood necklace > Primal legs

Ammo: Sagittarian arrows (p++) > CSB > max law runes

Just my 2 cents. I don't think the 3rd or 4th binds matter that much though.

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    Bear Fur

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im f2p

frac 2h
blast box
fire staff

if i ever get to 3+ binds

frac body
dromo leather body

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Simply because you cannot make them yourself in f2p. Also unlike members, range/mage is useful in f2p. :D

More than people seem to think... Shades and warriors have to die somehow, what with their annoying melee/range defense and/or damage :mrgreen:

I'd like to point out that shades are easy to melee with slash attack.

(assuming I have all maxed stats)

1. Prom 2h, followed by prim 2h.
2. SSh
3. Hexhunter
4. Prime plate

Ammo: Laws until hexhunter, then saggitarian arrows

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Assuming my current stats;

1. Prom 2h
2. Shadow Silk Hood
3. Blood Necklace
4. Golden precision bracelet
5. Tyranoleather body
6. Tyranoleather chaps
7. Incatators boots (spelling?)

Vesus most things that use range or melee their accuracy is high enough that prom plate and legs doesn't make a huge difference. However getting entangled is really horrible so I would choose to go in anti-mage gear while maximizing my melee abillities.

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