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thinking about a clan...

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Soooo, lately I've been thinking about finding a clan. The thing is, I'm 28-year-old PhD candidate that cannot always take time away from teaching/research/etc. in order to participate in "required" events. Also, I've noticed that in order to be a part of a lot of "mature" clans, you must have a high combat level and/or total level, and I do not; however, I don't want to join a clan in which I'd be treated like a noob. I'm an experienced player, and I enjoy pretty much everything about Runescape, but my play time varies wildly due to summer/winter holidays and school-related responsibilities. I just haven't trained any single skill up to 99! I guess the biggest reason I'm interested in clans is that I have only a few RS friends, and all of them are people I'm friends with in real life, including my husband. lol. ;) That said, we think it would be kind of fun to have other adults to chat with, and do things that require a team...hmm. Any suggestions/advice? Lol...I know I sound like a huge pain in the butt. ;)


(did I mention that one of my favorite things EVER is penguin hunting?!?!)

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#apocalypse in IRC


www.apoc.ipbhost.com Join us, you will not regret it I promise. New clan, growing well> I really think you'll like us, mature, fun and growing so full of excitement.


Register on boards and post an intro.

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There are lots of clans that don't have requirements/high requirements that might fit your needs. The few that come to mind off the bat are Titans Revolution, Clan Jaguar, many community clans (ref here), etc. You probably won't find the clan that's right for you on your first shot unless you do extensive research before hand, like finding out what the clan does, who the people are, how friendly they are, etc.


If all you want is human contact, interaction, and friendship, you might be better off just joining an active clan chat in game where you can converse and do things at your leisure, like Tipit's unofficial ingame cc (name: Shyla).


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White Skillers is for you. We are mature clan that host weekly events from PVP to Boss Hunting. So if you want to get your skills to 99, we are here to help you with your goals and achievements. So we hope to hear from you.






White Skillers was first formed one year ago, though after the brutal decline of members as a result of summer's end it was forced to close. A year has passed since that unfortunate day, and it has been decided that we are ready to have another go at this game. The WS of the past was known as a clan with goals, and open arms to every individual with basic knowledge of the English language. Many friends were made and great times had. The friendships made were lasting bonds. I speak from personal experience when I say this, there are few of the olden WS that I don't still talk to on a regular basis. This is what we are aiming for. A community that can have a great time and actually bring fun back to the game of RuneScape. You can expect nothing less than open arms when you step through our doorstep. We are a united group working towards one singular goal, which is fun.





#whiteskillers on swiftirc


Home Word:

P2P - 60

F2P - 61


Clan Chat:




Before you apply to become a member of White Skillers you must make sure you meet the requirements; however, if you just fall short of the requirements (Up to the staff judgement) you will have 14 days to obtain those requirements during your trial membership. If you obtain these requirements you will become a full member. If you do not to meet the requirements you will be ask to intro and apply again.


The Current Requirements are as follows:

Combat Oriented Characters - 1000 Total Level

Non-Combat Oriented Characters - 700 Total Level

Click here for more information on what we consider a combat oriented character to be.

On going requirements as Members


Once you have been accepted into the clan, you must be willing to commit to the clan. This means stay active and being part of the community. We judge this by event attendance, posts with in the forum and IRC activity. This may seem much, though we understand that members have lives out side of Runescape so we work with averages, so don't worry if you missed some events or didn't post on the forum on a day.


The ongoing requirements for clan members are as follows:

Must maintain an average daily post of 2.

Must maintain an average weekly event attendance points of 4.

Must be active with in IRC and the Clan Chat.

These will be explained in more details once you become a member.

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This is what I say personally about The Runescape rebelz:



I recommend this clan for anybody who likes events, clan wars, official wars, and a friendly community all at the same time!!!


Our touch on you will feel like the evils of the world wont harm you once you join us!


Have a 99 to get? Once you join you are welcomed to join our clan chat! "the rs rebel" We will support you and entertain you all the way!


Trust me... I have been in this clan for over a year nowzzz. Ah I still remember the old forums....


______________________________________________________________________________<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">



.:: | Quick Links | ::.

Joining Instructions | Forums | Web Site | RuneHead



.:: | crossedswords.png Introduction crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | About TRR | ::.

TRR is a very unique clan, with a strong focus on community. Everyone is accepted and welcomed into the family, no matter how new to RuneScape or clans they may be. The main goal of TRR is to provide a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable environment in which all players can enjoy the game in the company of others. After all, isn't the whole point of RuneScape to have fun?


By now I'm sure you've noticed we have no combat level requirements, right? If you're wondering why a clan would do such a thing, it's really rather simple. Our clan believes things like activity, personality, attitude, and loyalty are all more important than how many hours someone has played RuneScape. Many people believe having no requirements is one reason why our community has blossomed. After all, every member is treated as an equal regardless of their experience in clans or RS. We help each other out, whether it be in RS or giving advice for real life situations.



.:: | crossedswords.png Key Information crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Primary Time Zones | ::.

GMT | Atlantic | Eastern | Central | Mountain | Pacific

We have members from all over the world, and take pride in our diversity.


.:: | Clan Leaders | ::.



.:: | Home Worlds | ::.

P2P: 64 | F2P: 93


.:: | IRC Channel | ::.



.:: | War Record | ::.

[ 12 - 4 - 0 ]


.:: | Base Types | ::.

F2P and P2P


.:: | Clan Chat | ::.




.:: | crossedswords.png What We Offer crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Professional and Understanding Staff | ::.

The only reason we have clan officials is to keep the clan running smoothly.

Clan Leaders and Council Members exist solely to help you achieve the best clan experience possible; they aren't around to flaunt their power and show off the ban-hammer.

If you ever have a problem with a clan member or an official, the dispute will be settled swiftly and in a fair manner.


.:: | Top of the Line Experiences | ::.

Thanks to our community, TRR is able to offer several advantages that very few other clans are able to provide.

We boast paid IPB 3 forums, Ventrilo, an independent website, and even an official 24/7 clan radio!


.:: | A Spectacular Community | ::.

TRR boasts one of the largest and most welcoming communities in RuneScape.

Whether you enjoy browsing forums, talking about RuneScape in clan chats, or discussing aspects of clanning with officials in IRC, you can be sure that there will always be someone willing to carry on conversation in TRR!

We also offer VoIP communication with Ventrilo, something many clans don't offer.


.:: | A Variety of Events | ::.

Do you rarely see clans host your favorite events? Don't worry! In TRR, all members are able to host their own events.

Our clan puts its members first, and everyone is heard no matter how new you are or what your combat level may be.

As a result, we boast what's probably the largest variety of events ever hosted by a clan.



.:: | crossedswords.png What We Ask Of You crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Clan Chat Activity | ::.

It might seem silly, I know; but you would be amazed at how many people join and then complain that they didn't ever know when an event was taking place.

To prevent that and to get to know other members of the clan, staying active in our in-game clan chat is a must.

Our clan chat is 'The_Rs_Rebel', and members are expected to be in it whenever they're on RuneScape.

You are allowed to leave the chat in certain situations (e.g. checking up on a merchant chat, moving chats for an event, etc), but generally you should be in the clan chat while on RuneScape.


.:: | Forum Activity | ::.

As a member of TRR, it is your responsibility to periodically check up on the clan forums.

This is important for many reasons, the least of which is so you can stay updated on clan news and important announcements.

Many members choose to bookmark the forums - Forum Index - and simply check up on them quickly before or after logging into RuneScape.

Posting on the forums is a necessary part of becoming involved with our clans community, and promotions are often based on how active clan members are on the forums.


.:: | Respect | ::.

Clan officials and clan members are participating in TRR for their own enjoyment, thus we ask all members to show respect towards our staff and other members.



.:: | crossedswords.png Clan Media crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | Videos | ::.



Our Clan Videos

Click above to view over 20 of TRR's videos!


.:: | Pictures | ::.




.:: | crossedswords.png Frequently Asked Questions crossedswords.png | ::.


.:: | How Do You Join? | ::.

We have an extremely fast and painless process for applicants.

Click Here For Directions! | Video: How To Join TRR


.:: | Can I Join The Forums Without A RuneScape Account? | ::.

Of course, just follow the directions posted above and explain your situation. We'll welcome you into our community!


.:: | Aren't There A Lot Of "Noobs"? | ::.

Actually, our message has attracted a GREAT deal of experienced RS players. People that like to do more demanding events such as God Wars shouldn't have a problem finding others to play with.


.:: | I Have A Few More Questions... | ::.

Feel free to visit our forum and post any remaining questions you may have in the Guest Forum.






Thanks for considering TRR, we hope to see



---------------------------------------------END OF ADVERTISMENT--------------------------------------------


Don't forget! It is required, and part of your application to say who requited you. Thats where you put my name: Star Trip56







99% of the people who play mmorpgs play world of warcraft

and if it was wiped from the face of the earth would have no

purpose in life, if you are one of the 1% of us that would be

laughing our awsome runescape butts off,

copy and paste this into your signature.

My You Tube Channel | Play Runescape | My Rune HQ Profile

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If you're interested in warring, you should definitely join Blasphemy. We're mainly about warring, and we emphasize organization over numbers. Warring is all about working as a team, and blasphemy has a strong community, where honestly most of the people couldn't care less about your runescape stats after you meet the reqs ;). Also Blasphemy is very understanding that life takes priority over Runescape, so as long as you aren't completely inactive with events it's fine.

Beware, I'm 00000001 00000011 00000011 00000111 (hint - Find out each byte)

Swift_Swrd.png 16m994z.png

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I'm the leader of End Of Neutrality and I've sent you a pm with our information in it.


Good luck looking for a clan.



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Hello, I am one of the leaders of The British Elites 100+, I am also an older player(27) and TBE sounds like the clan for you. Don't worry about the 100+ req - if you see our memberlist then you will notice we have a lot more over 120 combat than we do under it. We encourage maturity at all times and have lots of older members, we also have lots of fun too. We have a different community event every night and a skill comp most weekends. Either way TBE is a perfect match for your reqs and I hope to see your app soon!


I will leave you to browse our ad and range of events, and yes we do penguin hunting too lol:




~ The British Elites 100+ ~

~ Junglebiscui ~ Leader ~

The British Elites Site

The British Elites Forum


SwiftIRC guest channel: #tbe_lobby



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Thanks, everybody! I'm still not sure if a clan is for me, because I often don't even have time to play for weeks at a time, but I haven't totally ruled it out. :) The fall term starts soon for the university where I teach, plus I'm busy with research, so we'll see how the next few weeks go before I make any decisions. ;)

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FORUMS|Memberlist is still being validated




Hello and welcome to Darkness Revoked's recruitment topic. I am Darkmist690 one of the leaders and it is my job to recruit you to our clan. The best way for me to start is by telling you some history about our clan, what is the point in joining a clan you know nothing about? Any ways back to my point, Darkness Revoked started out as a small group of friends hanging around in a clan chat, as each of us went out on our own way we found new people to talk to and we brought them into our little community. As the community expanded we turned into a great family, always willing to help and assist each other in any issues. As we grew to our current state we opened up some forums for us to have fun on and such we decided to open ourselves up to the common public, the other people of runescape. So that is our history, interested in joining? I hope so, if so read below for more information.




As a growing clan we wanted requirements but we did not want them to be strict, but we want experienced, mature people to join us and our community.


So our requirements are very simply:

1000+ Total level for Future Member

1200+ Total level for Full Member.


If you do not meet the requirements you can always join us in our community by applying as a clan friend, and you can also do this if you would like to know us before full joining.

As a Future Member you have 1 month to reach 1200 total level and apply to be a full member before you are deranked to a clan friend


During your time with us we expect you to reach 5 forum posts as a minimum every week and 3 events per month.


How to contact us:


Pop into our clan chat: Darkrevok cc

Visit us on our forums: Click Here

Private message Myself (Darkmist690) or Hunting310 on runescape if you require more information or do not understand something about the signing up process.

Join our IRC: ~Still being set up~


Thank you for reading our recruitment topic, we hope we have given you a clan to think about and we hope to see you around soon.


FORUMS|Memberlist is still being validated

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If you're still looking for a clan I'd like to point you in the direction of KoA. They have a very low activity requirement as its a clan that recognizes real life commitments as the most important and have a relaxed atmosphere. Also, you won't have to worry about being looked at as a "noob" as KoA's requirements are merely to make it easier to participate in combat (mostly monster hunting) and skilling events that are held.


Here's a link to the tip.it recruitment page: http://forum.tip.it/topic/198819-koa-over-18-clan-adults-killersskillers-110-or-1700/


Best of luck finding a friendly place to hang out and make some new Runescape friends.


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Hello, I thought you might be interested in my clan The Wilderness Guardians. We are a varied clan with many events, especially penguin events every week right after they update on Wednesdays. On top of that we have wars, community events and little bit of pvm here and there. Our age range is generally fairly older than most clans, though we do like to joke around a lot and be immature sometimes lol. Check us out in irc #wg_lobby, His Lordship clan chat in game or check our website wildernessguardians.com, add /forums to get to our forums as well. Hope you consider us as we have a very diverse group of fun people. Stop in and say hello, you won't regret it : ).



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We have very mature members, and a very close knit community. Everyone gets along, and it's all fun.

I suggest you give us a look before you decide, other than that happy RSing!





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hey sesquitalera,


i am mic mic77 from bloodshed empire. a very matur clan with great members. we do f2p events every week! we have gwd almost 1 time a week(if not more), we also have a good amount of f2p event like fog elemental fights ect.we also do p2p events fairly often! and almost every week someone makes members made event, and we also war pretty often. we are a community clan that is event active and irc-cc active we are also forum active­. so if you want more help you can find me in #bse my irc name is mic or you can alwas find me in *clan bse* clan chat, my rsn is mic mic77.





btw, the runehead and forum bottons are clickable, try them out :)


well if you want to try us out theres some info,


irc: #bse


cc: clan bse


gl in finding a clan :D


~mic bloodshed empire's head recruiter

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The Knight of Order might be a good clan for you. We are not a large clan but we have a strong community made up of great people who are dedicated and loyal. We are a f2p warring clan but we also have a mix of events all designed to have fun, and have fun is definitely what we do.


Stop by our forums http://forum.ko-clan.com/index/ or our irc #[ko] and have a chat and get to know us. Regardless of your final decision I wish you all the best in your search for the right clan for you.

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Oooops. I guess I should have said this sooner, but I decided to join Spirits of Arianwyn. Thanks for all the offers, though. :)

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Clan Requirements

  • 105+ F2P Combat (with a minimum of 80 defence)
  • 5+ Full rune sets
  • Preferrably access to Swiftkit/mIRC
  • Access to Teampspeak3


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.:: Some handy links ::.

.: Perspicacious Homepage | Perspicacious Forums | RuneHead Memberlist :.


.:: A short summary ::.


Perspicacious is a brand new clan, built by experienced ex-members of Zdzira, TEH, Kingdom of Eternal Darkness, and many more! All together, the management has got over 20 years of experience with RuneScape clans, making it able to handle everything! We have a professional team, that's able to assist you with all kinds of things related to RuneScape, whether it be skilling, warring tactics, or activity help, we'll try to help you whenever we can.

Perspicacious is focused on one thing: Activity. Therefore, we try to provide you with thrilling events, awesome wars, an active forum, demanding exp competitions, and much more! Perspicacious is aiming for the top, so if you want to help us, come join the fun!


.:: Our original post ::.






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