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After over a year sense getting 99 cooking i decided it's finally time to trim the cape. I didn't want to just get any other 99 to trim it, after having my untrimmed cooking for 19 combat levels, i wanted to trim it in style. I got 99's in attack, hp, and range all at the same time, and it got me 130 combat! here are some pictures!







ps. a special thanks to fun cave chat and Mod Calm for showing up to see me level!

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I have all the 99s, and have been playing since 2001. Comped 4/30/15 

My Araxxi Kills: 459::Araxxi Drops(KC):

Araxxi Hilts: 4x Eye (14/126/149/459), Web - (100) Fang (193)

Araxxi Legs Completed: 5 ---Top (69/206/234/292/361), Middle (163/176/278/343/395), Bottom (135/256/350/359/397)
Boss Pets: Supreme - 848 KC

If you play Xbox One - Add me! GT: Urtehnoes - Currently on a Destiny binge 


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Nice Levels :thumbup:

Should of done the trick to keep Cooking Cape (u) Wish I had mine still =/


What methods did you use for all 3?

I can't get away with to much glitching, being a p mod and all, not to mention mod calm was at the party. For attack i just did slayer and random killing of different stuff, and range was with red chins at monkeys(its very cost effective now with the price of chins)

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