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Hey, does anyone know if the TIF server is still running? Alternatively, does anyone know of a decent public server that a friend and I could hang out on for a few hours on a weekend? She just bought PC minecraft, so I suggested we play together some this weekend.

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I don't really. But the mods they've made for the game look pretty good.


I got the Custom Steve mod working and you could port like any mmd model to use as your minecraft avatar. I got too frustrated trying to change a value in a dll or something.


I don't really want to bother anymore. Mod support has been so bad. I don't know if they've improved it but so many old good mods are inherently broken and impossible to use without reverting to old builds now.

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It's been a long time. I used to host a game between me and a few friends, but our interest fizzled out, plus my PC was host so I always had to be available. I've tried some of the other mods, but often bit off more than I could chew and got bored. Besides, what I really want are intelligent(ish) zombies that will assail my base. Of course, I have 7 days to die for that now.


I will admit that I've not looked at the mods in a while. My mind is still in the days of Tekkit (classic) and perhaps a year after that (think Yogscast Jaffa Cake factory through Yogscast going to space). I did have fun learning FORTH so that I could use the redpower computer though.


EDIT: I did find this. It's a year out of date, but if Thaumcraft looks like this now, I might have to take another stab at that mod, as long as I can have redpower and thaumcraft in the same game. I don't want to go back to the vanilla way of creating a bunch of small vaults under my stuff to house the logic gates and whatnot.


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