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Added a ton of new commands, you all should be able to spawn now as requested using /item. A list of all commands you all can access is below.


Added a whitelist aswell which is..


















As always if you would like to be added to the white-list and join our server pm me here on tip.it




description: Marks you as away-from-keyboard.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [eafk]



description: Teleports you to your location prior to teleporting/spawning/warping.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [eback]



description: States the current balance of a player. Defaults to self.

usage: /<command> <player>

aliases: [bal,emoney,ebalance,ebal]


description: Bans a player.

usage: /<command> [player] <reason>

aliases: [eban]



description: Broadcasts a message to the entire server.

usage: /<command> [msg]

aliases: [ebroadcast,bcast]



description: Spawn a big tree where you are looking.

usage: /<command> [tree|redwood]

aliases: [ebigtree]



description: Clear all items in your inventory.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [ci,eci,eclearinventory]



description: Describes your current bearing.

usage: /<command>



description: Deletes the specified warp.

usage: /<command> [warp]

aliases: [edelwarp,remwarp,rmwarp]



description: States current depth, relative to sea level.

usage: /depth

aliases: [edepth]



description: Manages the server economy.

usage: /<command> [give|take|reset] [player] [amount]

aliases: economy



description: Get your current coordinates.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [coords,egetpos]



description: Reports garbage collection info; useful to plugin/CraftBukkit developers

usage: /<command>

aliases: [mem,memory,egc]



description: Give a player an item.

usage: /<command> [player] [item|numeric] <amount>

aliases: [egive]



description: Enables your godly powers.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [tgm,godmode,egod]



description: Heals you or the given player.

usage: /<command> <player>

aliases: [eheal]



description: Views a list of available commands.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [ehelp]


description: Request help from online operators.

usage: /<command> [message]



description: Teleport to your home.

usage: /<command> <player>

aliases: [ehome]



description: Ignore other players.

usage: /<command> <player>

aliases: [eignore]



description: Shows information set by the server owner

usage: /<command> [chapter]

aliases: [ifo,einfo,eabout]



description: See the inventory of other players.

usage: /<command> <player>

aliases: [einvsee]



description: Spawn an item.

usage: /<command> [item|numeric] <amount>

aliases: [i,eitem]



description: Jumps to the nearest block in the line of sight.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [j,ejump]



description: Obtains the specified kit or views all available kits.

usage: /<command> <kit>



description: List all online players.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [playerlist,who,online,elist]



description: Manages inter-player, intra-server mail.

usage: /<command> [read|clear|send [to] [message]]




description: Describes an action in the context of the player.

usage: /<command> [description]

aliases: [eme]



description: Views the Message Of The Day.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [emotd]



description: Sends a private message to the specified player.

usage: /<command> <to> <message>

aliases: [m,t,emsg]



description: Change your nickname or that of another player.

usage: /<command> <player> [nickname|off]

aliases: [enick]



description: Pays another player from your balance

usage: /<command> [player] [amount]

aliases: [epay]



description: Pong!

usage: /<command>

aliases: [pong,eping]



description: Assigns a command to the item in hand, {player} will be replaced by the name of the player that you click.

usage: /<command> [command] <arguments>

aliases: [pt,epowertool,ept]



description: Quickly reply to the last player to message you.

usage: /<command> [message]

aliases: [er]



description: Displays the username of a user based on his/her nickname.

usage: /<command> [nickname]

aliases: [erealname]



description: Views the server rules.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [erules]



description: Shows the last logout time of a player

usage: /<command> [playername]



description: Sells the item currently in your hand.

usage: /<command> [itemname|id|hand|inventory|blocks] [-][amount]

aliases: [esell]



description: Set your home to your current location.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [esethome]



description: Creates a new warp.

usage: /<command> [warp]

aliases: [createwarp,esetwarp]



description: Set the value of an item for sale, will add item if doesn't exist

usage: /<command> [itemname|id] [price]

aliases: [esetworth]



description: Change the mob type of a spawner

usage: /<command> [mob]



description: Spawns a mob.

usage: /<command> [mob]<:data><,mount<:data>> <amount>

aliases: [espawnmob]



description: Causes you to perish.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [esuicide]


description: Temporary ban a user.

usage: /<command> [playername] [datediff]



description: Enable/disable thunder.

usage: /<command> <true/false> [duration]



description: Change the server time to day or night.

usage: /<command> [day|night]

aliases: [etime]



description: Teleport to the highest block at your current coordinates.

usage: /<command>

aliases: [etop]



description: Teleport to a player.

usage: /<command> [player]

aliases: [etp]



description: Request to teleport to the specified player.

usage: /<command> <player>



description: Accepts a teleport request.

usage: /<command>


description: Request that the specified player teleport to you.

usage: /<command> <player>



desctiption: Teleport all online players to another player.

usage: /<command> <player>


description: Reject a teleport request.

usage: /<command>



description: Teleport a player to you.

usage: /<command> [player]

aliases: s



description: Teleport override for tptoggle.

usage: /<command> <player>


description: Teleport here override for tptoggle.

usage: /<command> <player>



description: Teleport to coordinates.

usage: /<command> <x> <y> <z>



description: Blocks all forms of teleportation.

usage: /<command>



description: Spawn a tree where you are looking.

usage: /<command> [tree|birch|redwood]

aliases: [etree]



description: Allows the unlimited placing of items.

usage: /<command> [list|item] <player>

aliases: [eunlimited]



description: List all warps or warp to the specified location.

usage: /<command> <warp> <player>

aliases: [ewarp]



description: Setting the weather.

usage: /<command> <storm/sun> [duration]

aliases: [sky]



description: Determine the username behind a nickname.

usage: /<command> [nickname]

aliases: [ewhois]



description: Calculates the worth of items in hand or as specified.

usage: /<command> <item> <amount>

aliases: [eworth]


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I may not be able to get on currently, but I can give some advice for some of the commands:


Invsee is quite useful - it basically duplicates all of the items in the target person's invy and places them in the exact order and durability in your invy (you can switch back to your own invy by retyping invsee, I believe).


Give item is relatively simple to use, so long as you know the IDs needed. The Wiki has the hex and decimal IDs listed for each item and block, so it should be simple to look up. Fairly sure the commands use the decimal values, but if it throws an error message that way, try the hex value instead.


I notice the lightning command is gone, but if Low left it out and it's enabled, be careful with it - it generally kills the target regardless unless they put themselves out extremely quickly and burns up items (I should know, torchbane whacked me with it more than once >_>). I recommend not using it near other players or buildings (or anything flammable, just in case).


Spawn mob could be useful if you require dyed wool - spawn a bunch of sheep, use your dyes and shear. Better than hunting them down, at least. I had planned on asking Low about creating a farm with some spawners so you guys could obtain leather/pork/wool/feathers, but I can't really build it right now, lol. May be worth considering, spawning a mob spawner and setting it to spawn sheep in an enclosed area.


Excuse the rambling, I'm getting carried away again, lol. Hope I can get back on soon to join you guys :)

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The lightning command you mention is set to op only currently. I also set all kill and ban commands to op only as well. To spawn an item you would type, /Item 1 64. 1 denotes the block id which as you said can be found on the wiki, 1 is stone. 64 denotes the amount of items you want. You can also enable unlimited stone by typing /unlimited 1 lowc15. If you guys have any questions just let me know.


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If you don't know the item id you can also use the name as well :thumbup:

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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Well, that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying, Low :)


I'd probably be playing on my solo world right now on MC, but I'm currently working on a puzzle room on Terraria, lol. Haven't really felt the urge to do much on MC anyway :/ kinda sucks, but it happens occasionally. I'll likely have the urge to play more soon, it doesn't usually last long.

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For anyone interested, I made a spiffy little TIF meeting place under my home. just warp to it (/home Bass_EXE), go downstairs and "search" the bookcases to lead to it. :3


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So how about that "The Ather" mod? Looks really cool.

"Let your anger be as a monkey in a piñata... hiding amongst the candy... hoping the kids don't break through with the stick." - Master Tang

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For anyone interested, I made a spiffy little TIF meeting place under my home. just warp to it (/home Bass_EXE), go downstairs and "search" the bookcases to lead to it. :3


Hmmm...a TIF clubhouse... :-k

"The cry of the poor is not always just, but if you never hear it you'll never know what justice is."


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@Lowe, who's Mani3? because he's one of the blokes from that mustang site.


The Ather mod is really cool, but annoyingly the guy refuses to publish it until its 100% finished. hopefully he doesnt go being a [bleep] and makes people pay.


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I personally have never seen grass down really deep in cave systems before, but I can see it happening, assuming there's some way the grass can spread down through the dirt all the way down to that point. Otherwise, I have no clue how it got down there, lol. Maybe an error in the terrain generation or something.


I downloaded the Aether Mod yesterday, promptly INVedited some supplies in, and got to exploring. I have to say, the boss battles are very challenging - the bronze tier one I had issues with since I was unprepared (although he's easy as pie if you are prepared and/or have the knowledge of how to trap him so he can't damage you), the sole silver dungeon I located killed me twice (once trying to get the victory medals due to a derp on my part, second because I suck at combat and died at the boss), and the one gold dungeon I found I haven't beaten yet. That guy seems to be almost impossible unless you have a very specific set of armor and/or a crapton of healing items.


A hint for the bronze tier boss... (spoiler'd in case someone else starts playing and doesn't want to find out from here):



Use the fact that dungeon blocks (almost always) have bedrock properties while the boss is still alive - in other words, trick the Slider into coming down to your level, and lure him around the center platform. He'll get stuck on it, and then you can just sit there and beat him to death with your pickaxe, he won't be able to reach you.


Be aware that sometimes, some of the blocks (including the center platform) don't have the bedrock properties (likely a glitch), and he'll smash right through the center platform to get at you. If this happens, you'll likely find out before you lure him, because he'll be smashing the [cabbage] out of the walls and floor as well. His smashing ability also means it's impossible to just enclose him in blocks to immobilize him, which was a smart move on the modders' part.


Other bosses have similar anti-cheapass tactics as well - silver tier boss can teleport and fly, gold just noclips through any wall you create (however, his projectiles do not, so splitting the room into portions may or may not help you dodge said projectiles. Just make it out of glass so you know when he's coming (I didn't use this tactic though, so no guarantee glass will work, the vid I saw was using holystone for barriers)


I've had a few boss battles with this guy where there might've been 40% left of the original floor, the rest was smashed apart. Never mind what happened to the walls, lol.



I've started a new world now. I want to experience getting to the Aether with completely legit gear, rather than INVedited supplies.


A hint for maneuvering up in the Aether (again spoiler'd, just in case):



The blue slimes (Swets?) drop blue aeroclouds, these give a monstrous jumping ability when you run into them, easily 15-20 blocks high. Combine this with Peronix's umbrella mod (which a different modder is currently keeping up to date for him) as well as his Magic Boots mod (Super Boots ftw), and you now have a very easy way of flying in between the islands). Since I never see the flying pigs or moas, I can't tame and use either of them for a similar purpose.


The quicksoil blocks also severely increase speed when you walk on them (be wary, they're more slippery than ice is on the surface), so you could likely use these as well. I wonder if the mounts can also utilize quicksoil and blue aeroclouds to amplify their flying ability... something I'd like to try out some day.


Just remember to keep spare umbrellas and super boots stored in a chest if you wish to use that method. It would suck if you died somewhere with no way of getting back, lol.


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Sounds like a cool mod. I'd get it, but I don't want to mess up my world for the next update (I'm paranoid about losing it).







Get back here so I can rub your butt.

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Rofl >.>


A more serious reaction: wall off the doors with the creepers so they can't get into the room, open the doors, slaughter them with the bow. Then, wall off the other door in the same way, calmly pick off the skele and zombie (although be cautious with the skele, he may be able to hit you if the area beyond the door is more than two blocks high (I think the doors lead outside, so the thought of having the skele's arrows get stuck in the ceiling is out).


Anyway... I've decided to not bother with the Aether mod right now. I'd rather wait until they fix the spawn rates and such before I really get into it more. Until then, I heard about this "Yogbox" mod compilation, so I'm gonna try that. Zero clue as to all the mods in it, but since they're hand picked to work together nicely, it should be good.


Regardless of what exactly I do, I need to actually stick to a world long enough to actually get something built. I keep creating and deleting worlds, I never really get into any single one enough.

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Been messing about with the Aether mod, it's pretty solid, although as you said the spawn rates need changing. The mechanics of all of the items and dungeons are fantastic though.


You know the mod is good when you explore an overhang to get to some zanite, get jumped and shot by several aggressive moas, stumble around and fall off the island due to the poison effect, and slam into a rock on the surface world because you forgot to bring a parachute. Was a pretty great death. laugh.gif


I'm also glad that the portal you have to build is made out of Glowstone. That way, you have to go to the Nether before you go to the Aether. Gives the whole game a more expansive feeling.

~ W ~



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The server has been awfully lonely as of recent :(

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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It is :(


Just looked a bit at the Aether mod, seeing as I hadn't really before. IT LOOKS AMAZING :D I need to download it now.

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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Can anyone give me a hand in installing the Aether? I'm doing everything right, but it's not working :(

My relaxation method involves a bottle of lotion, beautiful women, and partial nudity. Yes I get massages.



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