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Skully's top 30 video games.


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Okay so here's my list. Sorry if some of the explanations don't make sense, I wrote the list backwards lol. Only the ones at the very end are the ones I'd say are placed based on order, the rest I put as they came to me. I've probably forgot a few games too. Sorry that some games have a really small explanation too, I felt like I was repeating myself quite a lot which of course nobody want's to read. Enjoy lol.




29: Small Soldiers



Hahaha, my favourite childhood movie made into a game. One of the few movie-games I found good, or maybe that was just because I was a kid and just liked it for the fact it was based on that particular movie, I don't know, But either way used to have a lot of fun blowing up my friends in the multiplayer of this game. Not sure if anybody else will remember it? Lol




28: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance



Although this is nothing to do with the original Baldur's Gate series on the PC (at least I think so) I prefered this a lot. Your simple Diablo-style'd RPG, with what I thought to be pretty good graphics for the time it was out. Coop too, which was always fun when you had a friend over or whatever.




27: Def Jam: FFNY



Another game I doubt anybody else will think is good, but as a hip-hop lover I really enjoyed this fighting game. Ridiculous moves with many well known hip-hoppers, a nice but cliché 'ghetto' storyline. But I must've replayed and completed this at least 25 times in my lifetime lol.




26: Command & Conquer: Retaliation



RTS used to be a favourite game genre for me, because of this game. I spent a fair part of my childhood addicted to this game, even though I always cheated. Based in the cold war I think, good fun on the good ole' PS1.




25: Twisted Metal: Black



Well let's just say i'm a sucker for destroying everything, so this game was great fun for me. Lots of different characters, cool story mode and a decent amount of unlockables if I remember rightly. Shame they are PlayStation exclusive.




24: Fable



If i'm honest, I don't remember a whole lot about this game, just that is was very awesome and eays to get into.




23: Hitman: Blood Money



My favourite stealth based game, some pretty unique ways to beat each level in this game, I like how you have to think about what you're gonna do instead of just charging in with a pumpgun blowing the [cabbage] out of everything (although that's always fun too) Betters Splinter Cell and other such games because I feel this has more strategy involved.




22: Assassin's Creed 2



Well I recieved this as a gift last christmas, and needless to say I was pretty hooked. Interesting storyline which really drew me in. I feel this is a huge step from the first part, I like the introduction of money, running your own town and being able to buy all the new weapons and such.




21: Herc's Adventures



I don't know if anybody else will remember this, as from what I recall it wasn't that big of a game popularity wise. I add this to my list because it's pretty personal for me, had a lot of memories over at a friends house playing this together through the coop mode at the age of like 6 haha.




20: Tony Hawk's Underground



Enjoyable, easy going, funny skating game. I chose this one as I thought it had the most story to it, you start out as an unknown street skater and you build up a skate team with the pros. A lot of replay value as you can just free roam doing whatever the hell you like, along with all the many challenges.




19: Mass Effect 2



Awesome sci-fi RPG, pretty unique on the way alot is based on your decision making, as per the genre a fair few decent classes to choose from, you get a squad in this RPG too, which is pretty fun.




18: Need for Speed: Most Wanted



Easily the best of the series, without a doubt. The police chases in this game were awesome, the getaway missions - awesome. The car customisation - awesome. A lot better than some of the newer ones (Pro-street, Shift) where they are more focused on legit racing. Much more enjoyable with the street racing and free roam style.




17: Tekken 3



Take this from someone who despises japan-ish stuff. This game is still the best fighting game I know of. Classic characters with classic moves, loved the special 'Tekken Ball Mode' too, and of course the secret character Gon was [bleep]ing legit.




16: Fallout 3



Nowhere near as good as oblivion, but same style and same developers mean it deserves to be here.




15: War of the Monsters



Think of a fighting game, where the characters are ridiculously oversized monsters, with a city as your playground. That's this game. You can use the whole environment as a weapon, throw cars, boulders, and ships at your opponents. Put them through skyscrapers and impale them with antennas. Looking at the cover you'd probably think it's a child's game, but boy was it fun.




14: Smackdown (vs Raw) Series



So you may call wrestling gay or whatever you like, doesn't deny the fact the games are awesome. A large list of wrestlers to choose, aswell as an awesome customisation section, allowing you to create thousands of unique players for your use. Pretty good storylines and pretty competitive online play in the newer ones too.




13: Driver 2



An alternative to GTA back in the day, a little more realistic and a lot less crazy, but this game was great fun. The main point for me were the police chases, you could spend literally hours trying to escape a police chase, hitting various jumps, weaving in and out of traffic etc. The only weird thing was that you couldn't actually shoot anybody. But it made up for it with the driving, which is what the game is really focused on. (hence the title lol) This game also had quite a few cool little easter eggs, hidden cars and secrets around, which were good fun finding.




12: Tomba! 2



Looking back now I wonder what the hell I was thinking playing a game like this, but in truth it was hella fun. A cool little light-hearted RPG/puzzle game. Actually was pretty big if i remember rightly, never finished it, and put a lot of hours playtime in.




11: Diablo II



Another game that had me hooked, I don't really know what it is as there isn't actually a whole lot to the game. It's pretty repetitive but I never seemed to get bored. Again, good online with PVP aswell as working together to go through the game on higher difficulties and such. Quite a few character classes to play through and max out too.




10: Grim Fandango



A great puzzle/adventure game, kept me occupied for quite a while as a dumb kid, not sure how that would work out now, but still i'd recommend this to anyone who likes these kind of games. Probably has some good humour in it too, but like I said I probably wouldn't of understood way back when.




9: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas



The best GTA for me. A lot of people think Vice City is best, but for me this was better as i'm not a fan of all the hippy bright colour [cabbage]. This game has literally a HUGE map, maybe the biggest of the GTA's, i'm not sure? This also had character customisation, which was great as no GTA had it before. A lot of different environments, vehicles, weapons, and you can use it all to pull off all kinds of funny [cabbage]. The storyline was pretty long and challenging in some places too.




8: StarCraft 2



Sure it's only been out a few weeks now, but it's the sequel to the greatest RTS of all time, so it deserves to be here indefinitely.




7: RuneScape



Had to include this really, it's the reason we're all here, so you all know what it is about. Was a lot of fun, more so before they introcuded all the anti-RWT garbage.




6: CTR: Crash Team Racing



This game is jokes, takes the cast from the Crash Bandicoot series, shoves them in carts packed with ridiculous weapons on ridiculous tracks and arenas, and lets you blow the crap out of each other, you know the drill. Had a lot of fun with this with friends as a youngster. I liked the way it had arenas aswell as tracks, if I remember rightly you won by getting the most 'kills', or something like that. Still this game is funny and my favourite cart game.




5: Spyro the Dragon



My childhood love, my favourite platform game ever. Good gameplay, good music, pretty good graphics for it's time too imo. Much better than all the rest of the series, they just didn't stay the same. I would probably still play this game now, really, a lot of fun to be had.




4: FIFA Series



This choice doesn't really cater for the majority, but if you're a football fan then you will love this game. Good, realistic gameplay, with all correct teams and players liscensed. I shouldn't really have to go into detail because it is what it is, a football game. :P




3: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion



I love this game. This game has so many good qualities, mainly it's hours of gameplay and replay value. There are so many side missions, dungeons to explore and skills to master along with the massive storyline mission sequence. It has 2 great expansion packs which also bring countless more hours to the table. Many people say that this game is inferior to it's predecessor (Morrowind) but I personally never got as into and as hooked to that as I did with this game. Oh and the world is pretty darn massive too.




2: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare



Easily the best shooter i've ever played, or that's available for me. Great balance, maps, and it just has that addictiveness and replay quality about it I don't really know of in other shooter games. The nice storyline just compliments the awesome hours of multiplayer in this game, with a lot of challenges and unlocks to gather which will keep you busy for a long time. Although it is now 2 games behind in it's series, you will still find this game is extremely popular and still has plenty of competition for you to play against.




1: StarCraft



Well, this game gets my number 1 spot simply based on the fact it is the game i've spent the most time on of all games. I started playing this at the age of about 8 or something, and played it regularly till I was at least 14/15. I still go back to it occasionally, it's as if time doesn't effect this game at all. I don't think you need to be a big fan of RTS to enjoy this game. The campaign and storyline are awesome and gripping, with 3 different races to play through 10 unique missions, custom games, and of course multiplayer. If you aren't a fan of straight up build a base/destory the enemies then that's fine. The map creator offers endless possibilities for all kinds of game modes, from stuff like RPGs to defence games, and it's all in all a lot of fun, not to mention the brood war expansion, adding another 30 missions to the cards along with some new units.


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Some of the most obscure games on that list are also games that I would put on mine. Small soldiers, Herc's, war of the monsters and Grim fandango are all gems of games. I remember renting Small soldiers when I was younger and IIRC it even had co-op.

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Some of the most obscure games on that list are also games that I would put on mine. Small soldiers, Herc's, war of the monsters and Grim fandango are all gems of games. I remember renting Small soldiers when I was younger and IIRC it even had co-op.

Yeah, it's awesome how as a youngster you don't think about obscurity or even really know of it much, wish I stayed like that lol, i'd probably play and enjoy a lot more games.


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so many games i do not know. but ahhh yes, starcraft brood wars. "show me the money" for unlimited cash and max power supply. or "there is no cow level" for insta-win. good times, good times

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Lol my list will probably include a few random ass movie games from when I was a kid, probably the kind of games that got like 3/10 when they were released. I played a lot of Crash Nitro Kart, but never CTR, also never played any PS1 Tekkens but plenty of Tekken 4. Man that game had some strange stuff on it like the panda. First list with no Nintendo games I think lol.

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Heh, I remember #30 pretty well.


Otherwise, overall interesting picks bar #7. And Dark Alliance is a hack-and-slash spinoff of the DnD-style Baldur's Gate games.

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War of the Monsters. Badass game.


*starts playing it*


Otherwise, to the games you've picked and I know, I liked them, but rathered others in the series (NFS UG2, THUG 2, Hitman 2, Vice City, Tekken Tag (Yeah I know they're sorta the same game (and yeah, I'm putting brackets in brackets in brackets))).




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So I finally know another living being who has played Dark Alliance. I didn't play it on the xbox, I played it on the ps1 or ps2 I think. I spent a lot of time on it and then I remember being disappointed with the sequel they made for it, if it was the sequel at all.

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Small Soldiers was a brilliant game. Used to play it at my friends house and there was this song on one of the multiplayer maps that we used to sing along to. The nostalgia...lol.


Good list, a fair few games there that I'd definitely have included in mine.

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#7 kinda killed it for me.

Mhmm.. kinda felt I had to include it though.

I'm glad you did, maybe wouldn't have put it that high, but I think that before the bad updates it at least merits a top 30 list.


Don't like COD4 that high on the list, personally I think COD1 was the best of the series. At least it wasn't MW2 though :P

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I'd say what holds back the older CoDs is that they have no storyline apart from "its WW2". CoD1 had some pretty awesome levels though, like the one where you had to cross the river to Stalingrad getting shot at all the time, and then be given a 5 round clip of ammo and be told to draw machine gun fire.

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I'd say what holds back the older CoDs is that they have no storyline apart from "its WW2". CoD1 had some pretty awesome levels though, like the one where you had to cross the river to Stalingrad getting shot at all the time, and then be given a 5 round clip of ammo and be told to draw machine gun fire.

True, the storyline wasn't as unique. I felt the overall gameplay was better - although MW was a good game, don't get me wrong....nothing for me has ever beaten those mp_harbour rifles only matches.

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