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Riding accident


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So i was riding a horse and i fell.I got rushed to emergency room and xray showed that i had femur broken :cry: and my leg got this kind of cast or something.So my question is what is the difference between thoes three?I have the 2-nd one and my sis had the 3rd one about few month ago.Whats the difference between them??




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I'm no cast expert :P but I'll hazard a guess that both the first and third casts involved a break either at the ankle or very near it, thus they need to provide support for the ankle and inhibit ankle movement. If you've got the second one, the break is probably closer to the knee and therefore the ankle support isn't as necessary.


As always though, ask a doctor to be sure.


EDIT: Indeed, if you've broken your femur, I can't see the first or third casts helping at all.

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The first one is more or less and ankle injury, even up to shin, but the ankle is affected, so you need to prevent ankle movement to prevent further injury.


The second one allows for foot movement, meaning no ankle injury, used mainly for the knee to keep it stable.


The third one is most likely a break in the foot, with the possibility of injury up through the shin.


I'm no doctor, but that's usually from what I've seen.

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My friend has the first one atm, and they say it's because he fractured a bone in his ankle, but also tore some ligaments. It's needed to hold everything in place, but the rigidity of a plaster cast is not needed.


I think it's the same story for the second one.

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1. A walking cast for an injury near or of the ankle, and if it's for a leg break, then it was either only a fracture, or a break that is nearly healed. Can also be used for sprains and soft tissue damage.


2. Near or of the knee. Same deal with the first.


3. Fibreglass cast for a lower leg: ankle break. Used for more serious breaks.


Also, your femur is your thigh bone, so you're talking about your tibia or fibula. Unless of course you ARE talking about your femur, in which case you and you sister have different casts because they're different breaks.

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I just thought I would add to you all about the first one. My mother had reconstructive foot surgery to remove 3 really messed up hammer toes, and a very extreme bunyon that detrimented her walking. She had the first cast.


So obviously its not just for ankle related stuff. Though thinking about it logically, I cant actually think about why she would have that cast on her foot when all the stuff was up near the toes. Though I guess the ligaments in the toes run all the way up to the ankle.


I dunno just thought I would addd that the first cast also applies to foot surgery. (apparently) :thumbup:


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