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Oh [censored] -_- Is my Mobo Broken?


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Hey all,


ugh my mood just got killed...


I took a look at my Mobo that i was planning on attaching to the wall (im the thread about building a computer on a wall)


And i noticed that these.. *wires* lets call them... Are bent out of shape on this chip, and one of them is even broken.


I have a feeling my Mobo is Dead X(


Is it?



(view full size)



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It is possible for chips to have unused or duplicate pins. I have no idea if this is the case here, what is the chip?



Dunno what the chip is, but here"s what it says









And also, i dont really see any connections (those greens lines embedded in sillicon boards in electronics) branching off from it.. but :S

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Soldering the broken pin might work. The bent ones shouldn't be a problem.



No chance in heck i could sauder that. Its about as thick as 2 human hairs :S


If i tried, i would just end up saudering them all together.


Like I, and someone else, has already said, did you try to run a build, or even POST with that MoBo?

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First off, you need to check if it will post just quickly put it together and see what happens. Even if it posts.. it could do a specific task that posting doesn't require it to do so much around until you feel happy.


- If you're unlucky and it does not work then you will have to solder it back on the bent ones should be fine, as people have said. I know it's extremely small I have seen the connections before.. but if your mobo is dead it cant do much harm in trying... I would try and find something to put over the other pins that would stop solder sticking to them.. and maybe just use a long wire to connect the two points instead of trying to bridge that little gap..

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First, test the board. If you did not snap the pin yourself it may simply be an unused pin. If the pin is needed, then you are a little less lucky. A quick google search revealed that American Megatrends is in the business of making BIOS chips and SMSC is a contract manufacturer of silicon, so the chip is not optional - you need it for the computer to function properly. Such small soldering jobs are rather difficult, you may wish to see if a local electronics fabrication business may be able to help you (regular soldering irons nearly always mess up on such small jobs.)

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