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Missing periods in examines.


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All these are missing a period at the end of their examines. Nothing big, but I'd just thought I'd point it out ;). Didn't add the ID numbers this time, just a looot of items. :P


  • Diamond keys
  • Blue diamond key
  • Crimson diamond key
  • Gold diamond key
  • Green diamond key
  • Purple diamond key
  • Silver diamond key
  • Yellow diamond key


  • Shield keys
  • Blue shield key
  • Crimson shield key
  • Orange shield key
  • Green shield key
  • Purple shield key
  • Silver shield key
  • Yellow shield key


  • Corner keys
  • Blue corner key
  • Crimson corner key
  • Orange corner key
  • Green corner key
  • Purple corner key
  • Yellow corner key


  • Crescent keys
  • Blue crescent key
  • Green crescent key
  • Yellow crescent key


  • Pentagon keys
  • Gold pentagon key
  • Green pentagon key
  • Orange pentagon key
  • Purple pentagon key
  • Silver pentagon key
  • Yellow pentagon key


  • Triangle keys
  • Crimson triangle key
  • Gold triangle key
  • Yellow triangle key


  • Wedge keys
  • Purple wedge key
  • Gold wedge key
  • Yellow wedge key

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