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The fall of Rome + Dreamcatchers + Feathers of the arcane


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More new stuff:



Should be up for voting soon:









New designs up for voting at Threadless!







Please have a look over at Threadless and vote/comment if you like!






Hey dudes, whatsup!


Figured I'd post something again. Heck, I could post a load of stuff here I've made recently. Maybe I should. Maybe I will, tomorrow.

Anyways, this is about a threadless design of mine that's up for voting right now.


It's for the Threadless Loves Maxtopia contest, themed: Nature+Technology.

My entry is a tree, but it's not really a tree. The idea should be fairly obvious, trees produce oxygen, so I made an oxygen factory in the shape of a tree. Made out of tubes, producing oxygen at the top.




And ofcourse, you can vote for it. In fact, I'd really really appreciate it if you could take the time to comment and vote on this, and possibly help me win!






And some more stuff:







For a friends band:






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I'm usually not one for elaborate t-shirts, this I think I'd go for though - really like the design, would really stand out on a t-shirt and I think, look awesome! :thumbup:

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Hiyaaaa DH!

Probably dont remember me :P

Designs look ace as always, honestly can see me wearing the mystery land and victoria secret ones.

Your concepts are always amazing like.


danke Schon Sam!^^

"Blood runs thicker, oh were thick as thieves you know"

-Carl Barât

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  • 2 weeks later...

Cheers :) If Threadless doesn't print it, I'll be sure to look for another place to sub it. It doesn't really fit my line, but I don't want to get this design to go to waste. I'm sure I can find a home for it.


Shiny, just keep drawing ;) I suppose I could do a progress-video or a step-by-step picture thing when I work. I don't think I really have any big lessons to teach, I just kinda sketch and draw and just do what feels right.

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holly [cabbage], new art! looks epic as always <3



[hide=Siggy credits]The Awesome, Epic, Amazing, S3xah A-10 Sig By Unolexi! I wub u Uno!

InsanityV2 Did the Franz Ferdinand Sig.

Killerwatt is responsible for the Arctic Monkeys sig.

Pat_61 did the B-2 sig and the raptor sig.[/hide]

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