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Slayer and Black Demons?


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I know BD's are known as a pain to do.

The crims seem decent enough to make them worthy though, am I correct?


If these are worth doing (I have them blocked from ages ago), how should I go about killing them?


Stats in sig below,


thanks Tip.it!



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They're good XP, can be cannoned and drop many crimson charms. Without being on my Slayer task and without using turmoil, I managed to get like 60 crimson charms an hour in the Chaos tunnels. In my opinion, definitely worth it, even though they take a bit of time. :-)


In short,

advantages: good xp, many crimson charms, easy to get to, afk-able, cannon-able (lol)

disadvantages: somewhat bad loot, can be risky (if prayer runs out etc.), takes time

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It's not really clear which is the best place to kill them- at chaos tunnels resource dungeon you'd be able to get around 45k slayer xp an hour, cannoning them at taverly nets around 48k slayer xp an hour but is much more costly. The chaos tunnels traditional place isn't really any good as there are only two of them close enough which limits your xp to around 38k slayer xp an hour with steel titan.

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I used to hate black demons, but now with extremes, turmoil, and max melee, they're one of my favorite tasks.


When I fight them, I wear


Slayer Helm

Bandos Chest

Verac Skirt (usually I'd wear tassets, but the def helps on these)

D boots


Barrows gloves

Soul Wars cape

Rune defender

Berserker ring

Rapier (whip for you)


Dragon Claws for spec.


The fastest way to kill them is in taverly dungeon with a cannon, but their drop table isn't good enough to make money with a cannon. The next best option is the chaos tunnel with the best combat familiar you can use. So where you kill them depends on your budget and preference. Just turmoil the task, and Soul Split flash for health.



^Golvellius must be so proud^


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One of the best tasks you can get due to good slay exp and crims. Slay in CT resource dungeon or Taverly dungeon with a cannon, but I prefer CT because it's more fun with a steel titan. Use standard prayer gear. Slay away.

To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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