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Herbs going... down?!


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I think my title explains me pretty well but how the [bleep] do herbs go DOWN before double xp weekend?


Most of the people who bought Herbs right away did not buy them to use them, but to sell them once the price raises.


This "crash" is now the spiral effect of all those merchants selling their herb stocks at once. It should level out by the start of the XP weekend, if not before then.

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It's great for the people that waited to buy most of their herbs until now.

Because of the price is tons higher than it was at the time of the announcement? Yous statement really makes no sense, as the only advantage you would have now is that you can buy SOME herbs all at once, but as a disadvantage, you still can't buy some of the ingredients(like for example, torstol) and have to pay a much higher price.


As for the topic, it's almost as ridiculous. Did you think everyone will pay anything to get more and more ingredients for the weekend? It's only 10 hours of good extra xp, so the maximum number of herbs you'd need is around 18k, and not everyone plans to do so much herblore. Higher prices = lower demand.

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Sadly, this means that all pots are going up. Some pots are also the ingredients for extremes, which I plan on making and do not buy right now :angry:



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-Joseph Stalin

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