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Hello everyone. I started playing Runescape years ago. My first account was called Sowoni (it still is) but after I stopped playing for the first time, I gave the account away (I have no idea who the guy is that's playing with it now, I only know he lies about Sowoni being a nickname for him XD). When I started playing again, I got a new account, called Sowonie. I've been playing on and off, and a few days ago, I started playing again.


My combat is 97, I got two 99's (Cooking and Fletching) and Farming is my favorite skill (going for 99).

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Hello everyone. I'm King Smartie. I restarted playing runescape a few days ago. Because a friend of mine bought me membership. I like training ranged and magic, I'm very low leveled and a real noob. I am interested in topics like the 200M xp in all skills though. That's all I have to say for today. More questions? PM ingame or on tip.it.

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Elo =)


Im Dunaway1,been playing since classic.

Me and wife both play together.

Played since 02?


Im 35 and i play with all chats to friends.

So if ya see me and im ignoring you ,its on propose ;-)


Im 127 with almost 1900 skills.



Oh Das if ya see this,hit me in rs,melly got haxed by a clan member somehow.Tell ya all about it.

Her dad got an Easter egg for her,he had 6 in bank.So...shes not gonna quit after 10 yrs because of disgust now lol

Jagex never even wrote her back about it...

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Hi !


I'm newbie here. Happy to be members of the forum.I hope we will have great time here. and I'll try to contribute to forum develop more.

I'm positively looking forward to the forum and its members, hope all will guide, share and help me to increase my knowledge.

Nice to meet you..

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Hello Tip.it!

I just joined the tip.it clan and forums two days ago, and thought I would introduce my self. I used to be an active member of a retired clan and forum "Nomad" if any of you know it or remember it. I thought it would be nice to join a community that would be supportive and active. I was introduced to Tip.It a while back ago to get help with quests and all its great skills calculators back in '06. One of your members invited me to the clan chat, some of you might have saw me recently. I can't remember his name, but all I know he was fishing for bots by the red chinchompas. Well that's it for now.

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Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Cerri! I've been playing RS on and off on a couple of accounts since about '04. I've never really been a big part of the RS forum community, either on the RSOF or on fansites, though I have been an avid fan of the Tip.It Times for ages. For the past three years, I have been a member of, and presently an admin of Slayer Guild V1, and it is to them that I credit (or blame, depending on how you look at it) for my inability to quit RS completely. :P I've played many other MMOs of various styles over the years and I can easily say I've not ever found a guild quite like SGV1.


In real life, I do hold down a very busy fulltime job, as well as take care of my family, so that leaves little time to play without heavy multi-tasking. I am a firm believer in doing what you enjoy, and if you don't enjoy it, then it is time for something else. This is largely why for the amount of time I've played, the only non-combat 99 I have is Slayer. If it weren't for Slayer, I likely wouldn't ever have bothered with combat training. I enjoy doing tasks, what can I say? Otherwise, many of the skills bore me. I've often joked with my guild that some day I will have 200M Slayer XP. Who knows? Maybe someday that will be the case. At any rate, I do not judge others based on skill totals, efficiency or lack thereof, so long as you respect my own opinions about what makes the game fun for me.


That doesn't mean I am not without goals. Here are some of mine:


* There's a lot of practical rewards from things like Dungeoneering, Livid Farm, Task Diaries, etc. that I would like to have. Some of these might be easy, some of them I may never attain.

* I have nearly 90 Herblore without having bought a single herb. I intend to continue this trend, ultimately to 99, by acquiring herbs only through drops, Kingdom, and Farming.

* There is always that whole 200M Slayer thing >:)


Anyway, that's me! Feel free to find me in game, or here, if you have further questions.


Happy Slaying,



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Hi all, my name is jaimi and my username is gunsnnroses. I have been playing runescape for about 6 years not but recently quit and only go on about once a month. I joined this forum to keep in touch with runescape and also meet new people, even considering joining again if i find the time for it :)

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Hi to everyone above!


Also wanted to introduce myself! I've been around for a good while, but never did anything but random posts throughout the last couple of years. I'm what I guess could be called a skiller oriented person, only gaining any combat levels because of Slayer. I try to keep my skills around a decent minimum level, obviously excluding Dungeoneering and Summoning, which are lvl 34 and lvl 1 respectively. I came back to Runescape about 2 months ago and have been loving just like I used to!


Look forward to seeing you guys around!


P.S. I'd also really appreciate it if some people would click my signature so my Runetrack can activate!

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My name is tomtiger11, and i look forward to meeting with some of you, the irc guys know me =]





Click here to go to School & Chat; An awsome forum!


Budding RuneScape Woodcutter | Budding I.R.C Expert | Former Whitewater Police Department Member (Wall Of Fame)


CO2 is bad, and so are bots.


99 Firemaking! 14/03

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Been playing RS since they first implemented RS2, decided to check it out again. I had a brief stint of playing a few years back, glad to see my Bando's stuff is still half decent. Don't know if I'll play much or anything, but I reckon I might log on and check it out for a bit. Don't know if anyone remembers me, I think I see a few people I recognize, like Smellysocks


Quit RS 2005 | RSN: Johnalder

Back as of 5/7/2008!

Dragon Drops: x1 Med, x5 Legs, x4 Skirts, x25 Boots, x1 Visage | x7 Abyssal Whips

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Hello, everyone! :lol: So, I've been lurking on these forums for some time, and I finally decided to make an account. Yeah, that's about it, really.. :o I don't think I know anyone here.. but perhaps I shall make some new friends. :)

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Hey all, I've mostly used neoseeker since playing RS, or main forums, but I definitely think it's time I join this community! Neoseeker is way inactive.


Also @ Dragonchixx - weren't we in a clan together like.. 5 years ago or something?? we were co-owners hahahah wow this is such a coincidence..


anyways, Hello everyone!

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