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My computer wont turn on, the day after clicking a sketchy link.. oh geeze.


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Oh boy.. never thought id be making a post like this..


the other day, my "sister" came on msn, and she was talking to me about an IQ test she took (this makes sense, because she's in university)


she sent me the link, and i clicked it (i mean c'mon, its my sister!)


Now the website was.. weird. It wasnt a test, it was just one of those sites that pops up if you miss type the site you're looking for.


Either way, now, my computer won't turn on properly.


I turn it on, and it reaches the black screen with the green loading bar, and Microsoft corporation.. And the bar just keeps whizzing by, but the computer never turns on.


I finally got it on, after like 10 tries.


Im worried,


Please help, Thanks



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Can you restart in safe mode? More than likely it was just that her account was compromised and then used to spam the link to her friends. Sucks that you can't remember what the site was, would have made it a lot easier to figure out a solution.

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