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Lost all my Cache data and Bookmarks on firefox..Pelase help.


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Hey guys, ok the original problem has been escalated.


I unplugged my HDD, and then plugged it in again, and restarted the comp.


Since i attached a "new" peice of hardware, ti ran a scan on the HDD, and deleted some files.. On the plus side, the computer actually turned on.


On the downside, all of my bookmarks, and all the cache data from my firefox is gone.. and i NEED it back.


System restore is not an option.. it says there are no restore points.. (maybe they got deleted too)


And im running vista. Anyone know how i can get my stuff back?

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your only hope seems to be taking it to a data recovery specialist.

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Yeah if its gone theres not alot you can do outside a specialist.

This is why you use backups etc.


Xmarks is a brilliant one that began in firefox for bookmarks as it will save them all to its server and it's free.


For more general use you wanna be backing up to a 2nd HDD (internal of external) once in a while or even better use something like Carbonite (costs money) to do back up over the net.


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Recuva might help for the cache, but for the bookmarks, no.


But why do you need the cache? All you really need is the bookmarks, plus you know what sites you usually go, so just google them.

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