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Hey Tip.it,


I've been away from RuneScape for about a year, and I'm thinking it would be nice to start playing a little bit again, probably not more than an hour a day during the week. There are a few skills I would like to work on while making a small profit if at all possible, and I'd be grateful to get some suggestions as to how I should do it.


I'm not a very wealthy player; if the GE is accurate, I figure my bank is worth around 30m, and half of that is due to how much the Amulet of Fury has risen in price since I last played. Some notable things in my bank would be:

- Amulet of Fury

- Warrior Ring

- Abyssal Whip

- Dharok Plate and Legs, Guthix Plate and Skirt

- 5000 Gold Bars and Cut Emeralds (I figure I was planning on doing a bit of crafting)

- 800k Cash


As for the skills I'm interested in training:

- Smithing from 68 - 75

- Magic from 82 - 85

- Crafting from 71 - 75

- Herblore from 70 - 75

- Hunter 61 - at least 70

- Construction 61 - 70

- RuneCrafting 61 - 70

- Farming from 75 - ?

- Fishing from 95 - ?


I think my intention last year was to train Smithing and Magic by superheating mithril and selling the bars, and to train crafting by buying gold bars and cut emeralds and crafting emerald bracelets (though it appears that rings are far more profitable now).


I also have 8000 waterfilled vials in my bank, so I figure my intention with Herblore was to farm herbs and buy seconds and the vials to make potions. If this is still a cost-effective (and to a lesser extent XP/time-effective) method what potions should I make?


What would be a good way to train Hunter, Construction, and RuneCrafting?


I would like to get my fishing to 99, though I'm in no rush to do so. What would be a good way to train that?


I also intend on training Defence, Ranged, and Slayer, but I figure I will have a better grasp of the game by the time I'm done with these goals.


If you could let me know a method of training for these skills that is relatively XP/time-efficient and also doesn't lose too much money (in the grand scheme of things I would like to make a small profit), it would be much appreciated. Also, are there any quests that have come out over the last 18 months that it is essential I complete?


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I'd train all combat through slayer IMO. If you want to camp, etc. for money combat wise we need to know those stats to be more help.


Construction is going to be oak laders till your goal would be fine.


Hunter you got many options, I'm doing red sallys from 59-66, you could continue on with them till 70 pretty good exp.


Magic would be good super heating since you already have smithing goal, and gold.


Farming - I do one farming run a day (level 84 and going) consisting of 5 wood/4 fruit trees/ herb patches, herbs easily pay for trees, and trees bring in some decent exp. Win/Win

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(just search tip.it for the shorter comments)

  • Smithing from 68 - 75 : Smelting while superheating gold with gauntlets
  • Magic from 82 - 85 : The aforementioned superheating, plus some string amulet/hunter hit
  • Crafting from 71 - 75 : Battlestaves
  • Herblore from 70 - 75 : You can do any pot, the cheapest varies, but super defence is a good one.
  • Hunter 61 - at least 70 : Red salamanders or grey chins (or red chins using the one-spawn method)
  • Construction 61 - 70 : Oak larders
  • RuneCrafting 61 - 70 : ZMI
  • Farming from 75 - ? : Farm snapdragon herbs, sell them and buy cheaper herblore xp. Farming is a great moneymaker.
  • Fishing from 95 - ? : Rocktails

I'd do all quests you can do. This will give you some useful xp.


For ranged, the best method would be chinning. For defence, you can melee slay. Ranged slaying on longrange is highly ineffective and inefficient (which may suit you but it's boring).

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99 woodcutting (22nd November 2012) | 99 fletching (31st December 2012) | 99 thieving (3rd January 2013) | 99 hunter (11th January 2013) | 99 mining (21st January 2013) | 99 fishing (21st January 2013)

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