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Poison vs The Neggas Clan


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Poison Memberlist: http://www.runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=Poison

TNC Memberlist: http://runehead.com/clans/ml.php?clan=neggasclan



A TNC offiical had approached me for a prepped fight, we agreed on a 90 minute fight with melee/binds/range.



Poison Starting: 72 opts

TNC Starting: 66 opts


The war started off fairly even but instantly crashers came in (mostly from eos - only about 15-45 opts or so). Both clans cleared them more than we hit each others pile, just to clear out the crashers. After restarting several times, 2 TNC officials and myself agreed to moving it to cwa, but after a misconfusion, TNC's leader wanted PvP after talking with an eos official. So with that misconfusion, we had a 5 minute mass and went back up from bh to mossies to re-meet TNC.



Poison Starting: 78 opts/26 people




TNC Starting: 75 opts/25 people





The war started fairly quick and was even for a bit - untill we sent our snipers out and pressured their binders. At the same time we easily took out their binders, most got ko'd in a bang. TNC regrouped about 1-2 times and matched up to us again. At the end, we spammed times up while they were resting at east tree, as we got closer, they scattered and ran to spider rocks (assuming they had low opts and were hiding it, we picked off a few people trying to bind our FI leader as TNC has people logging in from spiders).



Poison Ending: 69 opts



TNC Ending: 51 opts




Thanks for the fight TNC.



Random Pictures:










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