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The Death Monkeighs (90+ f2p combat & 1000 total level!)


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Event Name: Public Castle Wars

Event Host(s): The Public Relations Council

F2P or P2P: P2P

Date: April 30th

Time: 2pm EST 7pm GMT

World: 56

Meeting Location: Castle Wars Lobby

Equipment/supplies needed: Your best melee/range/mage equipment w/o the capes and hoods


Hey Runescape, looking for a clan? Love castle wars? Want to know a little more info about a clan. If any of these apply then come to this amazing event! Then we at The Death Monkeighs invite you to our castle wars extravaganza! Our active community of around 60 members is looking to recruit more and interact with a with more members of runescape. Come down even if you don't meet our reqs and have a good game. If you want more info about either TDM or the event join our cc 'tdm chat' and our members will help you or respond in this thread. See you there!



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