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The Lavadragons | 80+ Combat Or 1400+ Total

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The Lava Dragons Clan



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Greetings. I’m here to talk to you about joining the Lava Dragons clan.

Let me ask you something. Are you interested in a clan with a single-minded devotion to only one small piece of Runescape?

Do you want nothing but Player Killing? Nothing but Pest Control? Perhaps you feel that it is not important how clan members are treated; only how much they can be made to contribute.

If so, please do not read any further. Because we are not the clan you are looking for.


Are you interested in an established clan with a close-knit body of open-minded members who feel that CGI drawings of swords are not as important as making sure people get to have fun and feel included?

Ah, now you are the kind of people Lava Dragons is looking for.


The Lava Dragons is a Runescape clan created back in March of 2003. Over the years the clan has undergone many changes, resulting in the clan which is laid before you today.

Our minimum joining requirements today are 2 Combat skills at least 70+ or a Skill total of 1400+. A good sense of humour and an openness towards other people is also a help.

Because we are a clan with a variety of interests, you can find Lava Dragons doing just about everything you can imagine. From PK Trips and Kalaphite Queen Hunts to any of RS’s many mini-games.

From House Parties and Parades, to hanging out together at the old fishing hole. Yes, we also have events on our forums as well.

And speaking of forums, it is difficult not to love the Lava Dragons’ one. We have an organized and well moderated forum with a high level of activity. You will be able to find anything you are looking for in no time at all.

Beyond events and forums, our clan benefits from many experienced RS players who are also long term clan members.

That means we have had many years to learn how to keep things new and meet with any challenges that come along. That’s an insurance policy many clans just can’t match.

Whether you are looking for comrades of high Combat Levels and even higher loyalty to guard your back in the Wild,

or are just a goof ball looking for good humoured friends who understand the value of showing up in the Fight Pits dressed in a chicken suit, you can find your niche here in Lava Dragons.



constructioni.pngRequirements constructioni.png





:::: 2 Combat skill 70+ ::::


:::: 1400+ Skill ::::






History of The Lava Dragons



Here is a "quick" look into the history of the Lava Dragons Clan:

The Lava Dragons Clan was founded in March of 2003 by two Runescapers by the names of King Steve1 and Troumour.

With King Steve as the first leader of our clan, we quickly began growing. Our loyal body of members, with those who have not quit playing Runescape still in Lava Dragons to this day,

and our devotion to having fun gave the clan a foundation to keep it going for over four years.


Much of the core of Lava Dragons has not changed over the years. Our commitment to honesty and honour has seen us through many wars, combat and skill alike,

from now-disbanded clans such as Dark Oblivion and SeeD to those still running such as Komodo Dragons and Dark Dynasty.

The belief that a clan should be about community and having fun rather than just the mindless pursuit of items have kept us strong and active.


Showing these core beliefs in action is the annual tradition of the Day of the Dragon, a festival held to make the Lava Dragons Clan's birthday.

Though our original Day of the Dragon back in 2004 was just that, a day of non-stop events culminating in a multi-million GP drop party held by clan members Aremano, Calisme37, and Drunk Duck,

we have since outgrown just a day long event. We now host a full weekend of events with everything from PK trips to parades, and always a huge drop party like we first had.


After a couple of years remaining as the leader, King Steve1 eventually retired from Runescape and was replaced by his brother King Nathan1.

Our other leaders throughout Lava Dragons' history have been Gerbil377, 1989 Karl H, Peskyboy, Incofat, Assasin Cow1, Drunk Duck, Todda, Cthulthu and Nerfanyul. Our current leader is Chberry.


Throughout Lava Dragons' history, we have also maintained a devotion to innovation and creativity that is hard to match.

Our 3rd Day of the Dragon saw LD members participating in a competitive forum-based version of the Trawler, and our 4th festival was marked with several clan-made Treasure Trails.

We are also one of the few clans with a written Clan Constitution that details our form of government, making it clear to all members who they can turn to and protects all members from any form of mistreatment or abuse.


Not everything has remained constant about the Lava Dragons Clan however. Because we are a clan shaped by its members, not an empire out to shape members,

we have sometimes shifted what our main events have been. Although we always have a bit of everything going on,

sometimes we lean more towards PKing for a few months and then lean more towards skill-based events for some months more.

Keeping in tune with our members interests has helped keep people interested in Runescape when they may have quit otherwise.

So be they the PK trips of Ellhound Jr in 2004 or the Skill events of Cthulthu in 2006. LD has represented all of what could keep a Runescaper interested in playing.





bluepartyhatlarge.gifClan Communitybluepartyhatlarge.gif



The Lava Dragons Clan has an extremely friendly community, which benefits from both a clan forum as well as an active IRC channel.

The community also extends as far as in game events. The Lava Dragons aim to make friendship a priority and as a result can be seen as one giant family.

All Lava Dragons members aim to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, and as a result a community in which everybody knows everybody, and where all members strive to help each other.

It is this type of community that has enabled the Lava Dragons to survive for well over four and a half years.


Lavadragons means stupid, annoying, angry, fun. I've enjoyed the fact that even though we argue, miss events, do stupid things,

we still stick together like a family. LD stands out the most because the fact everyone cares for each other, and help each other out, unlike in other clans where people could care less. [/color]

The Lavadragons have helped me discover new mini-games, etc., and has helped me make a great bunch of friends.[/color]

No matter what, I'm sticking with LD till the end. Strength and Honor ftw.[/color]


LD is the greatest clan ever! I've been in clans before, and this clan definitely stands out. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Events are fun, and everyone pwns.


LD is like the family I never had, I trust almost all the members

The New members

Friendly Members

Patience and self esteem!


Ld is like a fine wine, it gets even better as it ages.





Clan Events


Clan events for LD have never been narrowed down to one specific path. The Lava Dragons recognize the importance of variety.

You won’t find skilling every day of the week here, nor will you find pking or monster killing.

We strive to get as good a balance, to give our clan members the full RS experience Jagex has created.


We understand the importance of skilling with your friends, spending hours cutting yews by yourself can be quite tedious, but add a solid group of friends who have a sense of humour and you will find the time fly by - fun and profitable!

We also see that other clans need to be shown their place, whether it be pking or fight pits / castle wars - be sure that LD has a large amount of PvP in it as well.

Finally we come to the infamous monster hunts, whether down to the KQ lair, or across the sea to Waterbirth isle, we show those 'boss' monsters who really is boss,

hopefully picking up elusive and luxurious loot at the same time. We also have a few established and very successful God Wars fanatics, so we fare well in this event too.


To sum up, at LD we wont keep you narrowed to the path of a pker, or the path of a skiller - we try to keep a variety, giving our events spice! With 4 events a week, you don’t want them to get repetitive!





War Record



:::: Combat Wars ::::

16 Wins, 3 Losses


:::: Skill War ::::

8 Wins, 0 Losses






Clan Staff




:::: Leader ::::



:::: Co-Leader ::::



:::: Senators ::::

Yellowdriver, RJ18






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:::: CC = Lavadragons ::::

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