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The vs True 0wnage

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I don't get why you wanted us to stay for 1 hr to have a 24 v 12...

Plus it was hard to bind/range/bind with all the commotion in the small area, you guys probably didn't mean to sniped but members were getting hit while you guys still had a pile. So basically we had like a 5 man pile. Mass sniping wasn't an excuse for us losing, it was just frustrating to have so many people on hitting our blasters/rangers which made the situation worse for us. How would you like to be outnumbered 12 to 24 CWRI and then have random blasters/rangers hit you and your members and your range/blast gear. So we never made an excuse for losing.

Also if the map was on turrets, your members would've easily been able to drag us from north portal to south portal, and back. And I don't know how your going to stay close in a fight where your outnumbered +12 in a very low opt'd CWRI.

Gratz on "clearing" us I guess, and sorry for our terrible pull.

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I heard you had a prep, wasn't sure though.

the war was posted on forums on the same day as the fight, lots of people were out, we did not prep

as jack said, many of us were out/not avaliable

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Congrats, shame about TO's pull though.


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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Grats The clan. Hopefully both clans can rematch on better terms.

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