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Single player took me four hours on the hardest difficulty watching every cutscene...multiplayer is an absolute campfest with idiotic semi auto snipers and shotgunners. I'm extremely surprised by all of the accuracy in the weapons. This game just fails. The next MoH, if on does exist, better not be made by DICE and better be a GoTY in multiple sites, plus it better be an all star title. its the only way they're getting ANY money from me next time.

That being said, I will continue to play the multiplayer to get a full experience. I've only played a half an hour of it. My opinion probably won't change that much the next time I post..I had a better time with the open beta. :/
Hoping to get a new Signature (with matching avatar) soon. :D

In the meantime...Steam username: )I'll rewrite it later (add me if you want)

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The thing I find dumb too is the game has, what, 9 guns?

I mean [bleep]ing Doom II has more guns than this game.

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