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Poison vs Extermination + Dragonwood


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Poison Starting: 22

Extermination Starting: 25





[19:03] <Venomous> yo

[19:03] <Venomous> world ?

[19:03] <Venomous> oh 106

[19:03] <Rafah_> 106 start


Rafah_ is [email protected] * Rafah_

Rafah_ on +#Exodus @#extermination

Rafah_ using *.SwiftIRC.net SwiftIRC network

Rafah_ has identified for this nick

Rafah_ has been idle 16secs, signed on Sun Oct 10 10:39:55

Rafah_ End of /WHOIS list.


[19:07] <Venomous> yo

[19:07] <Venomous> make sure your cc is locked

[19:07] <Venomous> some trolls watching our fight



Originally, the war started off as Poison vs Extermination. Untill 10~ minutes later, we noticed they gained numbers. We also noticed they broke the "no sniping" rule. They were all Dragonwood members sniping our binders. So we had a huge snipe fest as we mass sniped them as well.


A picture of a few Dragonwood members






Poison Ending Kills: 70

Extermination + Dragonwood Ending Kills: 53




Random Pictures:





Thanks for the fight!




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Portal spamming to "win" shows so much skill. Anyway you lost 2-4 members because of that war so im happy.

Proud Warlord of Dragonwood

If it's natural to kill, how come men have to go into training to learn how? ~ Joan Baez

Rest in Peace 3xtermination


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What are you trying to prove, because you aren't proving anything. You can't even prevent getting crashed in CWA nonetheless pvp

Also, Impressive ML *hands up if mad* Members: 29


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I really think the only dragonwood member left with decency is probably HA richards.


He retired. RIP


I dont have anyone to congratulate, cause its all sad.

Ex Retaliation High Council | Ex Legendz High Council




#Legendz on IRC

Proud to have been a Power Ranger

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