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DOTA 2 1 million dollar tournament announced


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This looks... promising. I hated DotA on Warcraft 3, after playing for like 2 years and getting abused (including getting raged at for nothing) through a lot of matches. Might get this if I have too much time... but I'll have to admit that it will bring a breath of life to the games, maybe renew some interest in the game.

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One of the bigger problems I have had playing these sorts of games has been that I suck at them. But there is usually almost no learning curve, you just hit a brick wall at the start.

Knowing Valve, they'll probably address that issue.


And I am anxious for this game. I was wondering when they were going to reveal it.


I hope it isn't F2P though. I prefer to have all the heroes unlocked from the beginning.

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People on forums (especially the HoN forums) are already saying, "This game looks like League of Legends 2. What crappy graphics, I'm not buying"



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I don't see how this looks like LoL at all. LoL looks heavily cel-shaded with really thick outlines.



And people on the HoN forums are [developmentally delayed]ed.

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Doombringer has 6 skills technically IIRC.


edit: meant shadowfiend.

What would you do without me?






#1 Wongtong stalker.

Im looking for some No Limit soldiers!

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I'm very excited for the release of DotA 2 as I am quite a big original DotA player. Been watching this tournament and catching up on replays where possible. I know it's difficult to watch for people who are unfamiliar with DotA, but here's a highlight video I made of Ehome vs Scythe. I made another one but without commentary as a test, and I didn't like it as much. Atm I can do one a day, so I'm going to work on uploading another one tommorrow. Let me know what you think :)



Can't wait to pwn some HoN and LoL noobs.



Proper Daily blogging including Starcraft 2!


Includes goal for 80+ all stats

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