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The Middle

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I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing and I'm 95+ all melee's and 131 Combat... :o :^_^: :---) :ohnoes:

I guess I shouldn't cry so much and just work moar on my stats :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
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I think the phase doesn't end untill you start getting those "elite" stats. High summoning, herblore, prayer, dung, and of course combat.

At least for me I didn't feel like i got out of it until recently when I got extremes and my unicorn.

PM me in game anytime

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You're gonna read a bunch of guides saying how monkey madness/ desert treasure is very hard, but it's gonna be the easiest quests you do :razz:

I've done monkey madness, and it was actually pretty easy. The only hard part was the sliding puzzle, but there's 200k for that. :P

I'm really only training in f2p for quest/diary requirements. Actually, once you get those over with, "completing" the rest of the game becomes really easy.

I guess cash can be another subcategory. I've played for 2 years and I only have 2-3m worth of bank atm :wall:




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For me the puzzle was the easiest part, finished in like 3 minutes. :cool:

I'm a little over 100cmb, that stage of leveling did feel really awkward and tedious. I haven't trained combat for a while now through, but I'm assuming it will still feel awkward.
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