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The Rising vs Ldk


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Posted by Zafia :)





So on this fine Thursday, The Rising set out to face LDK in a pkri. We had our war machines ready, our binds clicked and our had our fighting squirrels prepared.




¤ No corrupt,

¤ Rings and FOG gear ON,

¤ Spiders - GDS ROCK,

¤ Team if crashes

¤ No cape swiching and

¤ LDK yellow cape

¤ TR blue capes

¤ START @ 7:30 GMT

¤ END @ 8:30GMT

¤ 7 Sniper cap

The Rising Starting: 135 (47 in audio )

LDK Starting: 168 ( 60 in audio )




We started off with an explosive k.o train which helped alot. As both clans got into the swing of things LDK put up a great performance.

As soon as our numbers grew we were getting more and more confident. Binders were alert and their snipers couldn't do enough damage to cause a problem.

We picked up our game even more, hitting 60 in Ventrilo and going on a beastly transition streak throughout their pile. Towards the end of the fight we knew what the result would be and we stopped at Members Gate to check ending.


The Rising Ending: 60 in vent



LDK Ending: 60 in audio



Good Job The Rising, I thought we wasn't going to do very well because me and Finny didn't sing before the fight but you prooved me wrong :)

Keep Active :wub:


Thanks for a clean fight LDK, always enjoyable fighting you guys :).








Jeff was very pleased about this fight:





Thanks for the fight Ldk ;)


Personally had 3/4 kills and died once



If your interested in joining Tr , feel free to pm me for info =)


[Tr forums]

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