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Some photography I've done whilst longboarding with my friends (shall add to this topic);


Most of these shots I've used flash, it just looks more dynamic. Shutter speed is 200, ISO is 200 too - f/5.0








As you can see I've been trying to get the basics of panning.


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Love the dynamism in the 4th picture, it really looks quite good. The second ones focus really pisses me off. Not that I dislike out of focus foregrounds, I just dislike it when half the photo is composed of it. The flash on 5 also annoys me, the lighting seems flat and harsh.

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I, on the contrary, believe 2 and 3 are the worst of the lot. In fact, the only picture that comes close to not being bad is the fourth one.

I'm sure you had a lot of time on your hands, so coming up with something creative shouldn't have been too hard.



This isn't my picture; it's just one that I found is a good example.


First image: Motion blur, lens distortion on subject, subject cut off frame.

Second image: It's just plain boring. What are you trying to convey?

Third image: Again, simply boring. It's a wheel, big deal.

Fourth image: You were using a flash and yet managed to get the sky's highlights blown? You need to shoot RAW.

Fifth image: Apart from seeing the edges of the flash, it's shot at a horrible angle. Also the subject isn't doing anything "interesting".


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I have to agree with Latios, I'm not a big fan of them save for maybe the fourth one. There's not a whole lot going on in any of them which is pretty important for these sort of action shots.


Also I'm a firm believer in no helmets for skateboarding/longboarding. >_> Hell if I ever wore a helmet when I used to skateboard :P.



But back on topic the 4th one is actually pretty good save for the sky. If you compare it and the 1st image the 4th just has a way better composition. To be honest the 1st looks more like a quick snapshot :(

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Using a technique where I fire the 'bulb' and do a couple of seconds of panning, makes quite a cool effect although I think it needs a tripod to work well.


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Only good one:



The rest really seem like tacky tourist snapshots, not meaning o be offensive or anything. You used the slow sync flash technique, am I right?


To be honest, what annoys me is the focus and the lights in a lot of them. I feel as if the light is extremely distracting, and draws away from the photos impact. In the aforementioned photo, it works well however, creating a sense of dynamism, which the other photos lack. The other photos look tacky in comparison.


Just my two cents :unsure:



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Nadril used to skateboard? Hahahaha


so LITTLEBOY(you won't escape the name).... The first one looks kinda weird like one of the above said..

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Hell yeah I do. Whats your msn?

That's how it all starts.


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