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Goodish phone/plan

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I've had a tracfone for the last couple years. It sucks :P I figured it's time to get a real plan, but my parents don't have a plan. It's very expensive to getm y own plan if I want any sort of texting at all. unless if I get on with another family (can I?) what is the best way to be able to keep an affordable plan rate with texting? Also, what phone would you guys recommend/carrier. I live in California.

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I don't know what US is like phone market wise especially but I know msot of uk big companys are there (tmboile etc) and do similar deals so you shuld easily be able to get like 1,000 texts a month for $15 or so.


Also with phones its really a subjective thing, you should check their coverage maps and their deals and go for what suits you; not all companys will give you the best coverage for places you spend most of your time.


Example for me in the uk:

At uni I could use any network.

At home only 02, Orange and Tmobile give any coverage atm.


So obviously I don;t go and get vodafone or something as it would be useless whenever I'm at home.


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