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While Guthix Sleeps Rewards


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I should get this quest done in the next few days.


I'm in a bit of a dilemma as to how to split up the exp reward. Couple of things to consider when you give me advice...



1. One of my goals is to get a quest cape - i need to level Agility from 65 to 69 and also Construction from 62 to 70.


2. I'm a bit short of cash, and construction is expensive.


3. I imagine most people use the exp on RC/Summoning/Dung/Prayer since they are slow/expensive skills to train, however i already have a decent prayer level.


4. I could get construct from 62 (my level atm) to 65. Then i need 288k exp to get 70. I need 197k exp agility exp to get 69.


5. I'm urging towards using 2 x 100k exp on agility to get 69. And then 2 x 100k exp on construction which would leave me 88k short. I worked out from my current level, to get to 70 including the 2 x 100k exp rewards i would still need to spend 2mil on oak larders.


6. So are construction and agility bad choices? I always planned to use it on RC but i can break even at ZMI even though it takes a while.


Any thoughts/comments welcome.


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Personally, I am planning to use mine on Herblore... god awfully expensive these days.


In your situation though, it'd probably just be best to go half ( 2 lamps on each) and then spend the 2m on the Con level(s). If you split it up 3 lamps on Con and 1 lamp on Agil, it'd take you longer to get the Agility level(s) than it would the Con one(s).


So really the question is.. is the 2m worth spending instead of spending extra time on the Agility training. I'd just go with the 2 lamps on each and spend the money on the Con training.

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But it really comes down to - what do you hate training the most?


Yeah, I agree with this. Agility is slow and tedious, so I think using at least two of the lamps on that would be well worth it. I wouldn't use them on construction because it's fast and relatively cheap (especially with SC tools). As far as utility goes, your best options are herblore and prayer, but I understand that you're trying to get a quest cape, so agility and herblore/prayer would be your best bet, IMO.

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I did smithing and prayer at the time, because I like prayer and I needed smithing. In your situation, I'd do agility, but construction is so easy it's not worth it imo.

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Construction is really cheap with Stealing Creation hammers, costed me 2,5 mil from 58 to 70. Its almost nothing compared to what it would cost to get so much exp in herblore. Use all of it on herblore for sure, you wont regret it when you're going for 85.

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