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99 Mining & 2000 total :)

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Yup, I'm not much of a story teller so I'll get straight to pictures:




Took me about 3 months or so using LRC. Not really much to be said about that.


Of course since I was so close, I HAD to get 2000 total as well (107 combat, 100 combat without summoning):




And of course since everyone loves bank pictures, here is mine. I apologize if it appears extremely messy but mind you I only use about 2 of the tabs on a daily basis (tabs 1 & 3). It's not really anything fancy considering I don't flip/merch nor do I boss hunt... Hell I don't even touch combat so hate away at me for that :P Bank worth is ~600m.


Note: Pretty much everything in my bank was obtained myself, I do NOT buy anything other than seeds, pouches and runes (anything outlined in a red box is from running dailies which I find to be a nice change of pace).


[spoiler=Bank]The pies are raw summer pies if you're curious and my Santa hats were bought awhile ago (1 at 14m and 2 at 33m), so I got lucky there.



This is the tab for stuff I rarely if ever use but may come in handy eventually.



This is probably my most used tab and the stuff I use all the time.



This tab is used for anything magpie pouches produce. If I'm logged on, I'll usually always have a magpie summoned.



This tab is well.. Random junk I get from implings. There's nothing really valuable considering my low hunting level but I needed stuff to fill up my bank anyways.



Yeah, self-explanatory.




Future goals are:

99 smithing

90+ farming (only using avantoes, limpwurts and picking papayas & cactus spines)

99 firemaking


Rate away please :)


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Weird Stats and Bank...! But i like it :smile:

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99 Mining is beast. Love banks with a ton of useful stuff. 2000 total is an awesome milestone.


Good job :)

Dragon drops: 82 (2 claws)

Dagannoth kings drops: 73

Barrows item count: 51

GWD drops: 54 (5 hilts: 1x bandos, 3x saradomin, 1x zamorak)

Whips: 4

Sigils: 1x spectral (FFA), 1x arcane (FFA)

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