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Poison vs AK Latin


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Poison Memberlist: http://rly.cc/ml/poison

AK Latin: http://rly.cc/ml/jeison39


An AK Latin official approached me for a 1 hour prep and we agreed to a 30 minute run in with melee/binds/range turrets arena.


Poison Starting: 20 (Peaked up to 21-22)

AK Latin: 29, 30 with one coming in after the timer/the rush (peaked up to 30)




Poison Ending Kills: 36

AK Latin Ending Kills: 30



Thanks for another enjoyable fight AK Latin.



Random Pictures:










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Congrats Poison. Good effort AK!

Human history is a long process of learning by f---ng up over and over again. It's haphazard and stupid, but we learn best by trial and error... and more error. :heh:


For every 5000 failures we have, we have someone that finds out something...

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gj, go back to pvp =) we have seen enough cwri's
Since when does T0 pk? gratz on your win poison.
Uk does pvp?


Yer we do unmandatory pk trips and sometimes ac for fights. We are well known for clearing pr from bh lol. When downfall was our age they didn't pk as much as us i don't think.


OT: Well done poison :thumbsup:

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Pretty sure this topic is for Poison's win against AK Latin. It is not a topic of who's slumping, who has slumped, and who does or does not do PvP.


So, let's get back on topic.


GJ Poison, BLNT AK Latin :thumbup:



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Stay on topic and cut out the stupid flaming and trolling, final warning.


OT: Gratz Poison.



EU Leader | | CE Retired Admin | | TKO Retired Member | | SE Retired Member

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