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Templar Knights of Europe

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TkoeLogowithswords_sml.png Introduction:


Tried a clan before and didn't like it? Then you haven't tried us!!


Established in August 2006, we have five years of experience helping RS players to get the best from playing the game and enjoying the backup that only a clan can give.


We are a fun, mad bunch of people -- all ages and from all walks of life.

Mostly GMT based but we welcome members from all over the globe.

The game is secondary to the fun and laughs we have together, whether it be in clan chat, on our forums or writing witty articles and publishing them to our website.


We really do believe that we have one of the best clans Runescape has to offer & are on the lookout for new members to join our awesome community!


TkoeLogowithswords_sml.pngWhat we have to offer:

  • Daily events - both skilling & killing.
  • Clan competitions.
  • Tier 4 citadel, soon to be 5.
  • A democratic form of leadership where your voice is always heard & welcomed.
  • Minimal, easy to follow rules.
  • Lively forums complete with gallery, shoutbox, arcade etc.
  • Our very own website where you can publish your own articles if you so desire.


TkoeLogowithswords_sml.pngKey Information:



Entry Requirements -- Our entry requirements are combat 95 or total level 1500 and you must be p2p


Timezone -- UK (GMT) but we accept members from all over the globe.


Home World -- 139


Clan Chat -- Tkoe (a current member will get you added asap)


Event Chat -- Tkoe Cc


Multiclanning is not allowed






For Full Member -- Combat level 95 OR total level 1500


  • You can only be a member of one clan - we do not allow multi-clanning.
  • Our only requirement is that you contribute to the clan by gathering at least 50% of your citadel resource cap per week - more if possible.


To apply for full membership, register on forums HERE and complete the application form below and post into your application topic HERE





You can now apply to become a Citadel Member!


All you need to do is to help get the resources at the citadel by getting your cap in them before the build day.

For this rank there are NO entry requirements - you can become a full TKOE member when you reach those requirements.

We benefit from having you help us to improve the citadel you gain xp bonuses and access to a fab citadel, plus unlimited access to our Arcade, Forums and other cool features plus a lively clan chat.


To apply for citadel membership, register on forums HERE and complete the application form below and post into your application topic HERE




TkoeLogowithswords_sml.png How to join:



To apply to the Templar Knights of Europe all you have to do is register on the Tkoe Forums, log in & post an application form in the appropriate area -- simples!!





Make other Runescape players envious of your TKOE member status and become part of the best RS clan around today !




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Loving how you wiped me off there ;)


No matter - Tkoe has been my home for the past 4 years & without it i would have quit RS long ago.


Anyone looking for clan to join would be well advised to give Tkoe a try......its the awesome community that i love most :)

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